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From: Las Vegas, NV

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Before reading this know that i respect the law, the man, the uniform. But there are some bullshit calls out there. And this shit needs to stop.

Today, I am riding to work, not speeding, using my blinkers, being a fucking safe and attentive rider. When all the sudden i'm turning onto the 215 tunnel on ramp, you know the one that is 35 2 to 1 lane right lane merger that splits back to 3 lanes, until you HIT the tunnel then its 55. Yes well besides the jack asses RIGHT IN FONT OF US PASSING SLOWER CARS ON THE RIGHT IN A MERGING LANE. Mr Officer J Knapp. Decides that my license plate, is far to dirty to be able to legibly see the plate, that infraction is a far more DANGEROUS hazard to other drivers out there, so he instructs me to pull over by, you guessed it, pulling up along side of me, and pointing to pull over. I pull over, take my gloves off, i am taking off my helmet, wondering, what the fuck is it this time? Did i miss a blinker signal? Did i get to close to a car? Was I riding ,possibly, to close to the car in front of me. Nope. As the officer noted exceptional riding skills, as he was following for the past block or so, that i was in fact using my signals correctly and riding properly. He just couldnt get past how dirty my license plate was. The only words i have said to him so far is, "ok". He instructs me to get out my lic, reg and insurance, i show him everything, hes doing a check on me, as he radios back to the station, he comes back to the bike with the ticket pda in hand..

Officer knapp : "We are starting to cut down on these riders with the flip plates and hiding their plates under the wheels and checking stolen bikes, if we see anything we are told to ticket.....(not mentioning anything about license plates being to dirty, which was the reason i was pulled over)

I took this as a sign to vent.

I interrupted him. "It happens all the time. Besides checking for stolen bikes, you guys have pulled me over for probably everything in the book, if its not hiding plates, its becuase there is a chop shop around, if its not cause of a chop shop its becuase there was reports of a rider riding erratic or recklessly. I get this all the time, its never going to end, you guys harass us all the time for anything you can. I have to get to work, please just write me my ticket so i can be on my way."

he walks away, typing more on the pda talks to his dispatcher for another 5 minutes. Comes back to the bike with the PDA.

Knapp: "This is a fix it ticket all you need to is fix it and present it to the judge please sign"

me: "signed handed the ticket" - Method of display - License plates dirty/gunk illegible.

me: Rides off -

Seriously. You know, besides the fact the people directly in front of us using the MERGING LANE to pass the slower cars ON THE FUCKING RIGHT. I can understand the important need to be able to read license plates. But this is getting fucking unbelievable.

I am so tired of hearing these excuses for pulling us over. I was extremely stern with this officer, and am surprised i didnt get some kind of as reaming for some other made up bullshit. I am still so furious that they are pulling us over for this fucking incompetent bullshit. When right under his fucking nose. MULTIPLE people passing on the RIGHT, using a MERGED lane, and more then likely speeding as well, as the car in front of me had about a 12 car difference between the same people we left at the light with when making the turn.


here is a photo of my plate. And yes i have a light on the plate as well, its under the undertail.

some numbers edited of course, but as far as the dirt and positioning i havent touched shit.
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From: Seattle, WA

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ooh man that sucks... I feel your frustration...
Remembering Gleno
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
I see cars with those clear covers that have hazed by the sun so much that they are fairly opaque. Or the colored covers that make the plates real dark and hardly readable at all.

But some dirt? Come on. Like you said, he could have made the roads safer by pulling over idiots that go jamming up a lane that is ending, just to cut someone off when their lane ends (sans blinker). I hate that shizzle.

At least it's a fix-it ticket. It'll give you an excuse to detail the scooter.

Then you should get one of those plate frames that have led lights all the way around the plate, spinning/rotating/flashing. Light that badboy up like a gay flamenco dancer.
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personal favorites "is this the first time I've stopped you this week?"...or "some asshole in a bike just like yours just ran from us a couple days back" ....sure officer, I aim for $3000/week in fines...and hell, what responsible rider doesn't need a little excitemen now and then??? A little frustrated sarcasm???Oh, hell yes.....
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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

Motorcycle: 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa LE/2007 Suzuki GSXR600/2000 Honda CBR600F4
Originally Posted by Big O View Post
personal favorites "is this the first time I've stopped you this week?"...or "some asshole in a bike just like yours just ran from us a couple days back" ....sure officer, I aim for $3000/week in fines...and hell, what responsible rider doesn't need a little excitemen now and then??? A little frustrated sarcasm???Oh, hell yes.....

I was pulled over once while putting through Sunset Park and the officer gave the same excuse.
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Howie B
I must be really fortunate, I have only been pulled over on a bike, in my 16 years of riding, 1 time and I didn't even get a ticket. Guess you just look suspect Arson.. Actually, it sucks that shit happens, but I have to say, IMO I am glad that there are cops out there looking for stolen bikes, cause if my shit was stolen I would want them to be looking as well. It sucks you were the one getting pulled over, but I personally see where he was coming from for pulling you over if he couldn't read your plate, the ticket was out of line though. He should of rubbed it off with a rag, ran your plate to see if it wa all clear, then let you go.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: GSXR-750
I would love it if a cop pulled me over and said, hey, im checking to see if this is stolen.

Cool go right ahead.

Pulling me over because my license plate is dirty. when there are drivers no more then 50 feet ahead of us, driving in the merging lane to pass slower cars on the right, anyone who takes the 215 tunnel knows exactly what im talking about. He pulled up along side of me, looked ahead of us, cars passing on the right, he points to me tells me to pull over.
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From: Deltona, Fl
I have only been pulled over on the bike because the copper never saw a Busa b4 (So he said)... He was really just checking the bike out, he even sat on it...... This was at Red Rock of all places....... I was pulle over alot when I lived in Summerlin while driving my Durango. I guess I fit the description of someone who could not possibly live there....

Officer: "What do you do for a living"
Me: "What the hell is it your business"
Officer: "Mr. Robinson are you upset about something"
Me: "That it is ok for you to harass me because you see fit"
Officer: "Have a good day Mr. Robinson"

That is right, no ticket, no nothing........

But they have a job to do, and one of those stops will actually be someone breaking the law......
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Howie B
Ya know, like all things in life, ya gotta take the good with the bad. Same with the cops, there are some good ones, and there are some bad ones. What really sucks is there seem to be more bad ones than good ones.
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From: Spring Valley

Motorcycle: zx 636
Sorry to hear about your B.S. ticket Arson. Unfortunately this kind of harrassment just makes more enemies for the police and limits responsible rider's ability to recruit like-minded safe, lawful riders which would make the job of traffic safety and enforcement easier for law enforcement.

ticket, write

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