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That's right, open mouth, insert foot.

So I make the run to mesa go into my meeting, got out a little early so I thought I would have a smoke before the hour + ride home (rush hour)...

Called the little woman to let her know I would be on my way, and notice that I have more oil on my engine. I am looking over the seal covers and notice the is a bubble of sealant also popping out. Keep in mind, I just wiped this all down the day before yesterday.

I'm thinking, fuck, can I make RideNow before they close. Sure enough, I make it.

I am talking to the new service manager up there and I get the oil out of the air filter again, when can you bring it back? Well, I am getting a dyno in the morning, will that hurt the outcome... NO, it will be fine, bring it back in after.

Meanwhile, another RideNow guy come up... asks some questions about the Power Commander. I am thinking it's the guy who did the work on my bike.

He is asking if they have another PC in stock they can switch out, I explain what Steve from DynoTech was telling me bla bla bla...

Anyway, to get to the point.... LOL, I say, "then this cat named Tyler tells me that we should just remove it but the stock parts would need to be replaced... after talking to the guy in Vegas I was wondering what the fuck Tyler was talking about... of if he even knew.

Sure as shit... that was Tyler that was standing right next to me.

Not like a give a shit but it was a bit uncomfortable after that. Only met the guy once, but I should have known him by his voice, we have talked several times on the phone.


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