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anyone know of a site with reviews for the various sportbike tires? i can't seem to find a good one.

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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
Magazine reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Have you seen a bad writeup on a tire in a moto rag? They might not like a tire, but they won't come straight out and say it sucks. Under controlled situations, I am sure most tires are capable to a point.
If you were to pose this question say on esportbike, you would get 20 different answers. In some parts of the USA they swear by 208's, and some other places if you have anything other than H2/M2's you are taking a risk.

I truely believe that a certain tire will work better in some parts of the country than others. Maybe it's due to the composition of the tire, the temps, humidity, altitude, alignment of the stars, etc.

Example. Here I haven't heard too many things positive about 208's other than peeps used them 'cause they came on the bike when they bought it new. Once worn out, changed for something that has proven to work better in Vegas.

Here's my $0.02
My bike came with 020's (sport-touring) when new, they wore like sheit, and stuck to the road like they were sprayed with a can of Pam. When they got too cupped for my own sense, I put on a set of regular Diablo's and it was like night and day. I like them so much I am on my 3rd set now. They can take anything I can give them. I've done 4 trackdays with them, and my suspension was more of a limiting factor than those tires. They have taken me railing around corners up in Utah in the pouring rain, giving me an ear-to-ear grin and making me giggle like a school girl, all without a hint of trouble.

I know that the quality of the road plays as much of a factor as the quality of tire. There is a big difference in Utah roads, or out at Pahrump, but the Diablo's also work on the glass-smooth asphalt/concrete that Vegas calls roads. I hear that's where the 208 fails to come through.

Then again, I have been spanked by Chad/Paige riding 2-up on the 'Bird with it wearing full-on touring 220's.
But Chad has a bazillion miles of confidence built up with 220's on the 'Bird, so something has to be said about that.

My next set of shoes I'll try the Pilot Powers. Quite a few members have tried them, and love them. Even better than the Diablo's. I am interested in how fast they wear though with the weight of me/bike.

So all I can do is tell you what I use and why. If all I did was confuse you, then my job is done.

Good luck.
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From: Deltona, Fl
Pat is right, I just read a write up on the Tomahawk retreads and they had nothing negative to say about the tire, but they didn't say anything too positive as well.. But the tire companies have so much money into these rags and all the other means of advertising, that you cannot get a good review unless you ask the riders around you.. Some peeps are brand loyal and will not be open about it, butt it does not hurt to hear what people like about "their" brand..

MY TAKE IS: All the manufacturers are decent at what they do, so to spend money on any set of tires as long as you get what tire is made for the riding you will be doing you cannot go wrong if you try every brand at least once or until you find the one that feels just too good to be surpassed..
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
True dat.

I'd rather spend the extra $$ replacing a stickier tire sooner, than saving money with a tire that will last XX miles more just to realize (at the most unopportune time) that although saving money, I compromised my traction.
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i was kind of leaning towards the pilot powers, too.

thanks for the info, guys
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From: Deltona, Fl
PILOT POWERS: Not a bad choice for the street..

Here is a review:
On a GSXR 750
They handle the road very well, they do not take long to get to that comfortable temp when they feel as though they are stuck to the road.. My first set gave* miles me a little ovr 2800 miles, which included half a track day..
Track usage was not what they were made for.. For a beginner they would be a great set for the track, but for someone who can actually touch the limits of the tire, I do not recommend these tires for any hard track time, they just don't hold up well in my OPINION.. They do not totally suck on the track, but Michelin and the other Manufacturers make tires that are better suited for the track..

I give these tires an "A" for everyday street use. One thing my review is missing is time in the rain, I have not had the opportunity to test how they handle the wet conditions..

Remember these are the opinions of SHWELL and not the club or this site..*

I am bored/board so I thought I would give you what you are looking for..
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thanks man. these will be at the top of my list
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Originally Posted by SHWELL
I give these tires an "A" for everyday street use. One thing my review is missing is time in the rain, I have not had the opportunity to test how they handle the wet conditions..
I completely agree with the A rating, and I have a very fond relationship with my pilot powers.
I have ridden about 25 miles in heavy rain, here in the city on surface streets and the freeway.* I don't have rain experience with any other tires, but the pilot powers did just as well as I could imagine a tire doing under the circumstances.* I was riding cautiously, but I never experienced any slipping except cornering over a goey stripe going through the construction zone on 95 (and you'd have to be a total doofus to not see that coming).
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From: silverstone ranch

Motorcycle: 2001 yamaha champions edition R6
Like my metzler m1's. Seem to get up to temp quick enough and i do have rain experience on them. I have gotten good milage so far(over 2k-and seem to hlod up very well) Now that said I still have mad chicken strips and haven't pushed these tires at all to even near there limit. I have these on my 01 r6. I do like them though much better than the damn 207's I had when I purchesed the bike.
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
*Cliff Clavin voice*
It's a little known fact that the M1 and the Diablo are the same tire.

Metzeler & Pirelli co-developed the construction/compound. But they use their own mold.

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