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Kev's Avatar
From: Pahrump

Motorcycle: 08 Honda CBR 600rr
:icon_bi ggrin:\

Got to take out my baby today.
first time I really got to take it out, and already put like 60 miles on it.
Im a little sore, but had a fucking blast.
Thanks to my mom's friend, and im going out tomorrow too.
The only thing that im having trouble with is starting, other than that,
I think im doing alright.

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Spooby's Avatar
From: A Space between a blink and a tear

Motorcycle: 06' CBR1000RR
Like starting problems? Mechanical? Or you're having problems, taking off....stalling, etc..?
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Kev's Avatar
From: Pahrump

Motorcycle: 08 Honda CBR 600rr
um, starting, coming off of first from a stop.
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gunit's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: Hayabusa K8
It'll come to steps brotha
Old August 26th @ 08:39 pm   #5
Kev's Avatar
From: Pahrump

Motorcycle: 08 Honda CBR 600rr
ya, i keep stalling it. its a little frustrating, but i know it will come
with practice.
Old August 26th @ 09:22 pm   #6
Slejor's Avatar
From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: 2006 GSX-R 600 Half Naked Edition
I had the stalling problem in the beginning. Remember to give it some gas as you let out the clutch.
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Spooby's Avatar
From: A Space between a blink and a tear

Motorcycle: 06' CBR1000RR
Yup, and the engine is only engine noise, nothing's gonna happen until you release the clutch.... so rev the engine to a steady RPM, and let the clutch out gradually (you'll be burning the clutch easier) but you'll take off smoother, at first
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BlueRider7o2's Avatar
From: LV
just read my post to this on 702SB.
Old August 27th @ 06:22 am   #9
Broc Lee's Avatar
From: Phoenix AZ

Motorcycle: 02 Yamaha SportCruiser 1700
never drove a stick before I take it.... it's the same just different devices.

I just let the clutch out till I feel it start to catch then give it a little gas and then ease out the clutch and gas till it's fully out. Careful not to give it too much gas and not to release the clutch too quick or you will wheelie and possibly have the bike go out from under you. Had that happen once when I was 1st learning to ride... LOL
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RCGuNit's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 2008 GSXR600
Hey Kev, this is a great site to ask for advice. I just got my bike and was so excited and then the nerves kicked it, but I finally got on the bike and rode and it is a blast. Your not alone even though I rode before I am still having problems with starting its getting better and I practice and practice and practice. Like Gunit said it will come to you. Once I get going I am fine until I have to stop and then I start thinking OH SHIT I have to start again WTF but your get over that as I am and it will be fine.

Like everyone here has told me, "Ride your own ride" have fun and be safe!


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