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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 08 CBR 600RR
I got my first bike ever...about 2 months ago...sadly i did take the bike down just hit 820 miles and had to take it in for a FULLLL service..and cuz i have the service plan its all freeee!! but i also wanted to take it in there to get the thrash looked at....not to much just the norm things...toook the bike in....gave him the keys....they took it into the back....(930am)...i HOURS for a i call back....(300pm) "oh yeah your bikes redy...and by the way i while your bike was being worked on we had it raised up on our jack stand (4 feet in the air) and your new 2008 Honda cbr600rr FELL OFF AND HIT THE GOUND SHATTERING MY MIRROR AND HITTING MY CRANK CASE EVEN MORE AND ADN!!!!! BRAKING OFF MY ENTIRE FENDER FERRING!!!!!!!!!!!

What Should i do? they said they will fix charge...everything but my crank case...but how do you brake a mirror and a fender and not hit the crank case....even though i layed it down first...i took it there to make sure it was ok.....shhould they fix it now?????

they also said that if i bring them a crank case...and frame sliders they will install for free.....but i think they should do more....what u all think???

oh and its the Honda Dealer on Rancho!!!

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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 99 Black Bird CBR1100XX
WTF you have to be joking! I would have it checked out by and independent party and make sure the bike is okay. Did you call your insurance company and I would definitely take pictures of the damage. Did they list any damage on the bike when you brought it in?

Can you say brand new bike?!?
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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 08 CBR 600RR
i have pics...but only one prob with the 20 so my insurance on the bike is only liablity if it were any more than that i would be paying 3000 a month LOL... i have a pic of the guy pointing to the broken stuff lol.
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From: n lasvegas

Motorcycle: 08 cbr600rr
hard to say sean. I think they should fix everything including the case and some how Inc that your bike is 100%. Or get a lawyer. U will win. Then u can get a ducati!!!
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
Wow....that' .. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ....

They should fix everything. I would tell them to replace everything that was damaged while in their possession.

Fender, mirror, and crank case. If it landed on the seat it might have bent the subframe also.

If they argue, tell them that you will talk to your lawyer, about compensation.
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Howie B
I would talk to an attorney anyway, unless of course they fix everything.
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From: 215N/Pecos

Motorcycle: 04 1000RR
Honda Rancho is now Ride Now so I'm not surprised at all to hear that. It sucks to hear but not at all surprising. While they are responsible for the damage caused there I wouldn't want them touching the bike again. I damn near totaled my bike with only 600 miles on it and Racer's Edge did a killer job on fixing it. I would talk to a lawyer and see if and independent can fix it and bill Ride Now
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From: n lasvegas

Motorcycle: 08 cbr600rr
I say talk to an attorny, leave the bike there. Gather all the info possible, details son. Call your girlfriend that works in a lawfirm (duh) and have her people call there people, come to an agreement, call there boss, call Honda. Boy they'll b pissed off at how there customer is being treated. Dude odds r in your favor
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From: n lasvegas

Motorcycle: 08 cbr600rr
hmm I didn't know that, ridenaw did my first tune up and forgot a bolt that goes to my lower fairing. This is y I'm learning to do the labor myself. Yea I'd also take it to another shop and have ridenaw billed. Talk to the lawyer first. He might have other plans
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From: north carolina

Motorcycle: 2006 cbr 600rr
call a lawyer, they need to fix it all. dont even talk to them about it unless its through your attorney.

dealerwhat2do, honda

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