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Road Block October 17th 10:20 pm

I have never dreaded the rising of the sun...
But tomorrow will definitely be one of the hardest days of my life. We have the service for my dad tomorrow, and it I am going to speak and present a slide show that I made. The hardest thing is that I will be admitting to the world, and to myself that he is no longer physically with us. I won't be able to hug my dad, or hear him tell me that he loves me.:sorry::sorry::sorry:

Give me strength, because this has been so hard so far, and I need strength for tomorrow.

shortstack08 October 18th 12:10 am

pk, i have been praying for you, to be strong mentally and emotionally. to help you get through your hardship. i cnt tell you enough that im sorry that he passed away.

BlueRider7o2 October 18th 12:57 am

Well from what I know your one of the toughest people i've known, and i'm sure you got that from your dad. I'm sure you know, but i'll still say it, you have the prayers and support of everyone back here who is a part of your life. See you sunday or tuesday brother.

gunit October 18th 07:27 am

PK you are strong and need to be even stronger at this time. We SCS your family are always here for you :icon_thumright:

RCGuNit October 18th 07:35 am

PK, I do understand losing a love one. I could never think of losing my father as he has always been my rock and the guilding force in my life. You are in my thoughts and prayers and we are all right there beside you holding you up at the moment you need us the most. Remember that, we are there in spirit with you. Love you!

HowieBzGrl October 18th 10:54 am

:group_hug: Love you PK!

shellbell October 19th 08:36 am

Jeff said it all... I completely agree with him...Plus you can always count on his if you need love and support. We will always be here for you. Love you !

R3K October 19th 07:03 pm

best advice I can give is that when the time comes, let it all out. Don't try to hold in your emotions in an effort to "be strong". You WILL need to grieve and the sooner you're able to do that, the sooner the healing can begin, and the sooner you can begin to accept that your Dad is in a better place.

Got2Go October 19th 07:09 pm


Please post up or text when you make it back to let us know you made it ok.
( sent you a text)

bullitt October 20th 03:36 pm

hope u made it back safe. It's not good to operate machinery in that state of mind. Sorry about your dad. I lost mine too. I can say it's hard. Just keep the memory u had with him and he's still with u in your heart when u breath, he's your sun in the morning , the shadow that walks behind u. he ain't gone bro he's in memory. How u might ask? Memory a what makes us who we r. It's the tool used to identify everyhing. Without it we would b hollow walking Zombies LOL. Therefore if memory makes us who we r and your dad is in everyone memory. Then he really ain't gone.

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