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Lost Sheep December 3rd 07:12 pm

PGT. Wounded warrior mission
I can go but want to

A wounded warrior form Las Vegas, PFC Sean Kay, is returning to town from
Brooks Army medical center for convalescent leave over the holidays on
Friday, Dec 4. He and his mother and father will arrive on American Airlines
flight 1771 at 13:25 (1:25pm) at McCarran. PFC Kay is currently in a
wheelchair. A contingent of American Legion Riders will meet at the
Starbucks near baggage claim to provide a welcome home. Any Nevada Patriot
Guard is welcome to join them.

I'm sorry for the short notice, but we don't always get advanced notice of
these things.

Nevada State Captain

ars0n750 December 10th 02:50 pm

Stacy is this what you were talking about at the meet?

ars0n750 December 10th 02:51 pm

I notice it says any "patriot guard are welcome"

What bout the common folk?

Lost Sheep December 10th 08:27 pm

yea this is what I was talking about at the meeting... here is the link to there site

Patriot Guard

ars0n750 December 11th 04:58 pm

It also says any nevada patriot guard is allowed to join. What about the regular folks?

Lost Sheep December 11th 05:15 pm

yea its for regular folks too

ars0n750 December 11th 06:00 pm

Just noticed this was for december 4th? I think its past?

mattyrides07 December 14th 10:27 am

Send my gratitude to the kid

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