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FYI....McCarran now offers free airport parking for motorcycles on level 2M. It's short term, but a huge improvement towards what it use to be. If you try to enter on any other level, there is a sign stating "No Motorcycles" but everything is one way, so you have no choice but to enter through the gate. So make sure you enter thru 2M.

For those who haven't been there lately, they have gone away with the parking meters and now requires every vehicle to go through a gate, spitting out a ticket. It keeps track of your time. So you no longer can drive around finding a meter with time. But in reality, if your on a bike, it's pretty much the honor system because we have so many exit points that we can just exit anywhere without paying.

Level 2M, there is an area set aside right off to the left with K barriers when you enter the garage without even having you go through the gate that spits out the ticket, meaning you park and leave by exiting through the thru lane. Technically, you never enter the garage.

Not really understand why there is no charge for motorcycles, as they still charge the same amount for a car ($14 day) in long term, something that I have addressed to the airport. They are literraly ripping off the motorcyclist in long term, so why stop at short term?

Anyways, when I flew to PHX for the day, I was pleased to see that it didn't cost me any money. Technically, there is a 3 hour max time limit, but I was there for about 12 hours. Oddly enough, there was another sign stating "No Motorcycles" in front of the gate on level 2M too. So what I was suppose to do? I wasn't going to Long Term.

As far the no charge by not even having an opportunity to get a ticket, maybe I had congtributed to it in someway. Before they had created the free area for motorcycles, everytime I exited the parking area where you are required to insert your validated ticket for the gate to go up, I would turn off my bike. I get off my bike, take my gloves off, take my jacket off, dig out my wallet, find my ticket, use the phone located at the gate because my ticket has become unreadable. I guess it gets crumpled up when I receive my ticket, theres no place to put it so it's crumpled up inside my hand while they are gripped around the handlebars. Then the control center opens the gate, I put my wallet away, put on my jacket, put my gloves on, hop on my bike, start it up and roll away. I then look behind me and see about a dozen cars are waiting behind me to get out. There are cameras everywhere, so it's not like the control center didn't see what was happening.

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