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I just got my commander and now I want to tune it. I know the best place to do it is at DynoJet but I would need a get-it.

Can anyone help?

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Originally Posted by Swayala05
but I would need a get-it.

Can anyone help?
Once again in Engrish????

Where you been dawg??
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For free, I think the standard maps floating around do pretty well. Most of them are a huge improvement over not having a PC, even if they're not perfect.
I know Greg has Dusty's phone number floating around if you want a custom map, which as far as I know they are only doing after-hours by special arrangement.
Or just grab the yellow pages.... yeah.
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From: Deltona, Fl
For now just load the map on the site for the mods you have... Dd you buy it new or used... It is pretty simple..
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I don't know anyone at DynoJet to get a hook-up. I think I will just use the map's on the site. I just don't want to think I just bought a $300 plastic box with wires sticking out.
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From: Deltona, Fl
The maps on the site are not bad at all, they are just not custom... If I had Dustins info I would throw you a bone, but I do not.....
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I just ordered a power commander for my GSXR-1000...I dont know anything about them. What do you mean mapping them?
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Originally Posted by DjLuxor
I just ordered a power commander for my GSXR-1000...I dont know anything about them. What do you mean mapping them?
My turn to be smart a$$.... why did you order a power commander if you don’t know for what is for …… Lol… sorry guy… power commander really makes the difference if you have aftermarket parts like mufflers… for stock bike the ECU is already mapped right for that hardware… unless you want to dyno … well this is the short version I’m sure the other peeps will give you a better view. (The stock muffler used in the Gixxer 1000cc 2005-06 is nice guy, don’t replace it)
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From: Deltona, Fl

commander, power, tunning

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