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Originally Posted by RisingPhoenix View Post
Just wait until the next time you try to take a fast curve, then you will see how gunshy you are lol.
I'll see you for the Thursday night ride? I'm definitly going to be more cautious, if only because of the money. But honestly right after I went down i wasnt thinking about how horrible I was feeling. I was thinking "I need to get better so this doesn't happen again"

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Good attitude...about trying to get better so it doesn't happen again. Sorry to hear it happened and hopefully you can go over what happened so you can improve upon it and not do it again.

Please tell me, however, that you are NOT reusing your helmet... If your shield took that much of a beating, then the helmet got stressed, even if it only has a few small battle scars on it. It still hit the ground and took a "beating" even if it was just on the shield. I would seriously replace that helmet. I know it sucks and I know helmets are expensive, but you don't want to even take the chance that you go down again in that helmet and this time it gives way and cracks in half (yes, I have seen it personally) because it was already stressed/broken inside (where you can't see it). It's not worth your life just to save a few bucks.

Forget replacing the shield...replace that helmet, bro. I'd rather ride with a damaged fairing and have the bike look like complete crap, but have a new helmet on my head than fix the bike and take a chance with a helmet that hit the ground and/or slid on the ground like yours did. Just sayin'...
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Originally Posted by R1_Demon View Post
...Forget replacing the shield...replace that helmet, bro. ...

A new lid is a must.
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Originally Posted by vegaseric View Post

A new lid is a must.
Not gonna disagree, only add to the the conversation. When I went down in March at the track my head hit the pavement and chipped my helmet. I though my helmet was FUBAR. After talking to Pilot at Cycle-gear he told me Shoei had an inspection program. I sent it into Shoei and they inspected the helmet and sent it back with a certified letter stating that it was still safe for continued use. May want to see if your brand has such program. I spent $15 in shipping for peace of mind.
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Motorcycle: Shift Red 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1
True...I forgot about that, Jet. Shoei does have that type of "certification" in place. If his helmet manufacturer has that, then it wouldn't hurt at all to have it checked out and if they certify it that it's good to go, then that's cool. At least then you know the proper people checked it out and gave you a thumbs up (IN WRITING) on it. Personally, I've never heard of anyone but Shoei doing it, but that doesn't mean other manufacturers don't do it. He would have to call them to see. If they don't, dump the lid and buy new. If they do, send it in and let the experts check it out.

Good catch. I forgot about that option.

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