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From: henderson
Should be required reading for anyone getting a m/c,, with a frigging test at the end.

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Originally Posted by Got2Go View Post
Haha! Two words that really don't belong together... but absolutely get the point across.

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An absolutely good read.

Problem with number one is that most people want to stunt and do their "antics" in front of a "crowd" to get noticed. That's why they do their crap on the highways and on city streets in between street lights and not on deserted streets or in industrial sections. Not saying certain stunters don't do it there and practice there, as I have seen it. But most of the ones I have seen want the attention from everyone saying "Look at that".

That's where the problem comes into play. Then next time they see a sportbike at the light, they say "Those are the azzholes that do wheelies in the street". Not thinking that not EVERYONE does them. But since we have a bike like the person they say doing it, that means, TO THEM, that EVERYONE on that type of bike does it and causes problems for everyone. It's the perception that kills most of us in their eyes and to them. That's the only thing I hate about riding a sport bike. The bad perception about it. Of course, most times I let it slide and/or try and correct someone when they say something about it to me and I try and do it kindly, but sometimes it just rubs me the wrong way because of a few idiots that want to do bad things (NOT just stunters either, so it's not like I'm just picking on them...there are plenty of other riders that do stupid $hit as well)

But in general, this is a very good find and a good read.

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