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A motorcyclist feared he was going to die when two middle-aged walkers garrotted him with a dog lead by stretching it across his path as he rode a motorbike through a field.
Chris Richmond said he was travelling at about 20mph when he rode into the leash, causing burns and bruising to his neck.
Medics at hospital told him he could have been decapitated in the incident, which left him shocked and unable to breathe.

The factory worker, of Newton Heath, Manchester, believes the man and woman holding the lead did so in revenge because he was riding the motorbike where he shouldn't have been.
Police are treating the attack as grievous bodily harm.

The incident happened after Mr Richmond, 23, and two friends approached some teenagers who were riding a green 125cc motorbike on grass in the Failsworth area of the city.

He and his friends asked for a turn on the bike.

He said: 'I remember the woman giving me a dirty look beforehand, as if to say, "You shouldn’t be doing that".

'Perhaps I shouldn’t have been but that was no way to react. You don’t expect that from middle-aged people.

'They could have called the police and they would have moved us on.

'I couldn’t breathe and thought I was going to die.'

Mr Richmond, a father of one, had been out of work for two months but completed an eight-hour factory shift the day after the attack.

Read more: Motorcycle rider, 23, garrotted by dog lead strung across his path | Mail Online

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WTF is wrong with people! Surprized they didn't try to stick something into his front wheel.

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