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Individuals live longer than they ever used to, which means also that they are driving longer than they used to. Some are likely to end up driving with dementia, or the early stages of it, but the problem of the best way to prevent any demise from accidents is still up for debate. Are you looking to sell or buy a new or used car? If this portrays you, donít go anywhere else before you have a look at Spokane car!

Not reporting to the DMV

There is a doctor in California named Dr. Arthur Daigneault who did not report a patient with dementia to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. He did not give the patient the wrong info or do badly on a surgery, yet he is facing a wrongful death suit, according to the LA times.

His patient, Lorraine Sullivan, 82, was going through loss of memory since at least 2007 and had been medication to treat dementia, but didn't feel it was serious enough to report. Sadly, she accidentally steered her Toyota Corolla into oncoming traffic in late May, 2010, resulting in a crash. Her passenger, William Powers, 90, her partner of 30 years, suffered fatal injuries.

Only seven states mandate reporting dementia to Departments of Motor Automobiles.

Massive discussion

There are just as many, if not more, crashes with non-elderly drivers as there are with elderly motorists, but that does not mean we should stand by and do nothing about those with cognitive impairments such as dementia. By 2030, there is estimated to be 57 million individuals on the road age 65 or older.

About 41 to 76 percent of elderly people with dementia can pass a driverís test without any troubles, according to the American Academy of Neurologists. The AAN met in 2010 to discuss the issue, according to the New York Times.

Other studies have found even the earliest stages of Alzheimerís impairs driving ability. According to USA Today, a 2009 study found people with the early stages of dementia or other mild cognitive impairment commit 21 percent more driving errors. Still, this doesn't mean the country's senior citizens should have their cars taken from them and made to keep paying their car's loans.

Must be viewed

At the moment, several states, according to the Los Angeles Times, require periodic driving tests and vision tests for elderly drivers. California requires motorists over 70 years of age to renew their licenses in person.

Just like any disease or disability, each case of dementia is unique, which is partially why many physicians and lawmakers are hesitant to advocate much of a national policy.

Florida is one of seven states where unfit drivers are supposed to be documented, though police reported drivers half of the time in 2009. Physicians reported a third of motorists, and only 11 percent came from family and friends. All family members, according to the New York Times, should watch out for their parents and grandparents who have dementia in order to make sure there are no troubles with their driving. Report the issues when necessary.

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Before you stay away from reporting on a family member, remember that it can save lives if you are willing to help somebody. About 41 percent of Alzheimer patients were able to pass a driving test though 94 percent of them considered themselves safe drivers, according to the AAN.


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