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From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
that was a great video. I would love to race in that
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I love this video!!! I would love to race one as fast and so dangerouse!
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I just slid out of my chair
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Originally Posted by Wheatie
I just slid out of my chair
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Originally Posted by Wheatie
I just slid out of my chair
Thanx Wheatie.....I just shot Diet Mt Dew out my nose.

Did you slide outta your chair because you were lubricating?? Or leaning in the corners.

Sidenote: Her sliding outta her chair due to the lubrication factor makes me think of the reason gurlies do so well on the track. I mean, think about it.........if they diddle the bean for a few before their session, they'll be all juicy and able to slide around on the seat easier. Where as we guys are always trippin' over the man marbles tryin' to get offa the seat. Hmmm, very valuable info Wheatie. Thanx for that.
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Yep that was the implication
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Well I guess its good we got an extra stick shift if they get better turning ability
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Nice balls pheonix!

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