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Is this his new ride????

[attachment deleted by admin]

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Wait.......that swinger, those rearsets, that U/T exhaust shield......that CAN'T be the Daytona??? WTF???
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looks like a honda swingarm and undertail possible a 1000rr a real 1k bike
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a gixxer i believe, i have seen that heel guard before -=D
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Well, it all lines up. Might not be the right color though.
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Can't wait to see that shit.
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Originally Posted by LVR6owner
Can't wait to see that shit.
Okay.....and yes, THAT exact color. Awesome in person as well. I was rubbin' my johnson on it just an hour ago.
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Le Pics.......

[attachment deleted by admin]
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Originally Posted by ars0n750
a gixxer i believe, i have seen that heel guard before -=D

doood lay off the pipe since when did gixxer come with undertail exhaust there sporting that turdamura morhidite looking titanium things on the 06 model and notice the too ridges in the swing arm that are just startign gixxer swing arm is smooth
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[attachment deleted by admin]

don, filaunmolested

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