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I'm in a tough situation... my bike that I crashed has been sitting for a while now and I need to get rid of it for some kind of money. Is there a Bike salvage place here in town? I would take it part and sell on ebay but I dont have the place or expertise. The thing is it could also be made into a track bike for a damn good price so guys any and all suggestions would be appreated. Oh, and its 04 gsxr 600. mike

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year/brand of bike? mileage? riding on motor street or track miles? what's the damage like? status of title?

this thread needs pics, lot's of pics !

then maybe some offers comes your way. I'm always looking for a smoking deal on something to trash & crash at the track.

good luck mang!
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Yeah more details, some one may be looking for a track bike and is looking at salvage bikes to start with
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ud prob make more selling each part seperatly but if ur looking for a quick buy just put it out there for hella cheap im sure someone will get it.
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Well, its a 2004 Suzuki gsx-r600 with some where around 9,500 miles, lots of commuter miles and always maintained very well. Broken in properly!!! This 600 has a lot of pep.
As for the conidition of the bike... I'm pretty damn sure the frame, swing arm and forks are all straight and 100%. The subframe is f'd, no plastics, or headlight+ fairing stay, or gauges. The tank has one ding and one dent. In my accident the foward case on the leftside was craked so it needs to be replace before it runs again. The front brakes were also seazed up when it was first moved after the crash but then later it was okay so there needs to be some touble shooting done there also.

I will take some pics and post them tomorrow. thanks
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bro, give me a call at 702-349-2765
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read the sig
*** I buy broke and wrecked sportbikes for cash ***
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Damn, I had a bussy day. I'll call and get some pics in the morn.
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what side of town u live in?! PM with a price your look to get, pictures arent any help as i have to see it personally to asses damage, cost to repair as well as profit/loss on parting out etc.. so get at me when u get a chance.

(prices need to be discussed in private, please)
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weeee... got a hold of you, hope to hear from you tomorrow.

bikes, totaled

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