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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
I forgot I had the link for this. My contribution to the community.

$13 to download a dealer invoice for any new bike.

I gladly ponied up for one before I bought the Fizzer in 2002.
It saved me $2,000.

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Only 7 months late 4 me thanks
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From: East side of town, Lakemead/nellis

Motorcycle: GSXR 600, k3
Motorcycles dealers wouldnt negotiate an invoice pirce.
To much demand on new bikes. You could do that on left over bike from previous year.
I always buy cars that way but, bikes are not like cars.
But is always good to ask.
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
I used an invoice in May 2002 when I bought my 2002 FZ-1, brand new. Right off the showroom floor. It was the only one in stock, with the buzz about how good they were.

It works best when they try to tell you it cost them X dollars, and you can whip out the invoice and call BS.

Right after filling out the credit app, they came back saying "Congrat's, it will be $10,500 out the door". By the time I was done, it cost me $8,500 out the door, and I got a free helmet.
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Right on, just in time for me. I am planning on going next monday to get my bike. Hopefully this will help me out a little.

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I hope your not buying a 2006 sportbike using that. Not in this town anyway
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Originally Posted by Moistmaster
I hope your not buying a 2006 sportbike using that. Not in this town anyway
Yeah i am. Now that you mention it the invoice proablly won't do me any good, can't hurt to try though.
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
Be strong, stick with your guns, give them the impression that you will walk if they don't meet your price.

But take that invoice, add up the numbers and get the bottom-dollar price (bike price + shipping + tax + etc), but don't forget to subtract any "Dealer Holdbacks" from that price. That is money that the manufacturer pays the dealer for selling the bike. For example, if a dealer sells a bike for what is cost them (breaking even), they still get the holdback from the manufacturer, usually a lump sum every quarter.

Then you will know the absolute price that the dealer has to make to break even.

When we bought Leslie's bike, they wouldn't take our offer (it was a lowball offer, but they didn't even come close). I told them that another dealer would accept the price and I was giving them first shot at the deal. They called BS, so we stood up, threatening to leave. So we started walking out. I was miffed that they wouldn't even come close to my offer, so I told them that I would walk slow to the truck while they thought it over. Then they started throwing out lower numbers as we walked, I just kept holding up fingers over my head of the amount I wanted to pay, without even turning around. We almost made it to the truck (keys in hand) with them following us out. They threw out a price $100 over what I was offering to pay, and we kept heading to the truck. They asked me "You are going to walk away for only $100?" And I told them, "No, you're letting me walk away for only $100." They caved in and took the price I had been throwing at them the whole time. When we sat down with the finance guy, he ran all the numbers and showed us on the computer screen that they actually lost $350 with that bike.
Boo Hoo. They'll bend over the next 10 peeps that walk through the door.
I'm not going in there to make friends, or take long showers together. I was there to hammer out a deal, and I was armed for battle.

I remember a certain peep who revealed that he ended up paying $14,000 for a brand new (for 2005) GSX-R600. Then promptly binned it on a group ride, before the first payment hit the bank.
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Lost $350 my butt, they lost delivery fees, maintenance fees, etc...all add ons to give you the max screw! Believe me, they made SOMETHING, even if it was $50!
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From: Sin City

Motorcycle: DRZ400SM
If your buying suzuki try scott at Mt west suzuki in Idaho , i have the # , best prices .

$$$$, bike, buying, save

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