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So I was comming home from a ride witha few buddys when I just pull into my neighborhood & crashed my bike... I was going down the street I live on when I noticed a cat sitting on the side of the road between 2 parked cars... The little bastard waited till I was exactly parallel to him & decided to cross the street... He ran right under my front tire, I tried to accelerate over him but the pussy was fat, like 30+ lbs... My front tire slid out and boom... No way to swerve or brake in this case, that pussy wanted to die... I had my gear on like usual (glad Im stubborn about that) and I didn't have any real bad injuries... No broken bones atleast... Little road rash & my hip is pretty purple but I'm good..... The sliders (Shogun) held up pretty well, DAMN WELL I MIGHT SAY...

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After a few days my hip

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^^ LOL my Dog is like WTF is gion on here ??? ^^^


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damn man...

glad you're ok though... I think you're ok?
glad it wasnt worse

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Thanks man.. Im fine, I made it a point to have sex every night with my girl to help the healing process

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Wow! Glad you ok! Sure looks like those sliders did do their job and you did yours by wearing your gear. Hope you have a fast recovery and get to feeling better.
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Thanks man... I was on the bike an hour later...

I'm just really salty I spent $650 on a helmet that lasted 7 months... Live and learn
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You might be able to sue, or place a claim on the OWNERS car insurance.. some car insurances are weird that way and allow it... i would try!!! or send htem a letter of intent to collect

(if the cat has tags)

1st, crash

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