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The bike has died twice--no idea why. I'll be riding, and she dies. Both times, I was going under 35 mph in 3rd (I think)...I read a couple of things on VFRD that it could be...have you heard of this happening?

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From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
only time I've heard of that happening was when the guy put diesel in his tank and then blamed it on the gas station

what year is your bike? I think the '02 had some recalls but I havent heard of any reliability issues with the VFR. Could be a bad regulator, they cause funny problems.
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Doesn't happen often (twice)...I could just suck at working my clutch...could be getting used to the new bike blues.

I'll keep you updated...
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From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
try to keep your RPM over 4k, the engine doesnt really like to be lugged. 35mph and 3rd gear is kinda low RPM
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Are you useing 91 octane???
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From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
my VFR runs just fine on 87 octane
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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: CBR 1000rr/600f4i
Speaking of that, I saw some racing fuel the other day...does anybody use that in their bike? I've always used 93 octane, but since moving to Vegas all I can find is 91 but that works just fine. Just curious.
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I don't think I ran the RPMs too low. It was like I hit a kill switch and she just died. I'll keep watch and see if I can duplicate the problem.

You run with 87 octane in your VFR?!? I never put anything under 91 in either of my bikes! WOW!

I'm on the Valkyrie today. I rode the VFR Mon and Tues...It feels soooooo good to ride to work! No one understands why I live 5 miles from the base and it takes me 1/2 hour to get to work! I take the long way!!!

BTW, does anyone know where I can get a .pdf of the owner's manual or the equivalent of a chiltons? I have a lift that I'm buying for about $150, and I can see my weekends spent in the garage (after riding of course!)

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Originally Posted by Mr Pheer
my VFR runs just fine on 87 octane

i agree with mr pheer my cbr ran better on 87 then it did on 91 even got better mileage when i first got it i put 91 in and was only getting 145 per tank put 87 and it was gettign 185 go figure the bikes today dont nessicaly need 91 come on there computer controled. they use tps sensors knock sensors air intake temp sensor and about 12 other things there not there for looks the big black box under your seat is a computer it takes all the info into account and adjusts things to give max performance and effentcy. basic rule run the lowest octane possible without pinging and other isses. the old days of needing 100 octane for a 12to1 compression motor are gone.
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From: Deltona, Fl
Octane is all HOOOPLAAAA!.. If the manufacturer recommends 87 then use 87.. Higher octane usually means more cleaning agents used (I think its cleaning agents).. Higher Octane does not guantee a better running bike/car...

Racing fuel is not the best thing to use in your bike unless you are; Racing.. I could not imagine riding a bike and spending $6 a gallon just for a few horses if any at all. Bikes runnig serious compression may need it, but our street machines are not designed to run that fuel for a long period of time.

hey, pheer

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