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From: my moma's cooter

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Ok I have been looking at getting a track bike for a few months now and found some killer deals on a 05 ZX-6R for $8334.50 shipped to my door and a 05 ZX-10R for $8750 now I just need to firgue out which one I wont. I know I have a 10 already so why not get the 6R well because I want to start racing at Willow Springs and the Novice open class is from 651cc to 1000cc if I want to race in the Novice 600cc class I would have to buy a true 600. Maybe i'll wait until the new GSXR-600 comes out to see if I like them.

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That's weak!!* Too bad you have to make that choice....*
You could get the new 6R, or an older one, and have it bored to 651!* I dunno about the consequences of that, but I've heard of it a few times and the feedback seems to be fairly positive.
Or find a good deal on the RR... I guess that conformity must be why they're popular.
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Well if you do that to the R6, just make sure they never check your engine if you are actually racing, and not just doing track days. Oh well. That sounds like killer deals,been looking at deals here, but they seem so expensive out here. It is crazy. Oh well. So you guys still planning on moving out to the coast again?
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From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
Les the problem with that is in the open class novice class most riders will be on 1000cc bikes and Willow is a "FAST" track. whats a guy too do
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If you want to get a true 600 for racing, neither of those rides qualify. The RR would be probably be your ride. Or any of the other 600ss class bikes out there. I guess CCS and WERA are the only ones who allow the overbored 600's.
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Buy both bike
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Originally Posted by Vicious-Cycle
Buy both bike
what he said
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The Kawi 600 has come a long way...* There are a few model years there when I was wondering what the heck they were thinking.* The 05 is nice enough... actually the specs sound impressive.

I do like the one-color paint better than the 05 6R's black & color scheme, but I guess that doesn't matter for the track... *Thank god they made the side plastics into 2 pieces finally. *
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I would go with the KAW 6RR because it comes with slipper clutch, adjustable swingarm, very light weight you can also get a kit to make it have the 37 more CC's. Look at what the Hayden brothers are doing on the 6RR plus the green is a one of a kind trade mark. As far as the plastics being 2 pieces they are but when i took my off it has two pins like that hold the pieces together and i didn't want to break the plastics trying to take it apart. but that might be different for the 6RR. GO GREEN you all ready pushing the 10 right? Why not race little brother!!!

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