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Got my first bike, luv it '98 Yamaha R1...only problem it's Yellow/black. I wanna paint it gloss Black with silver accents

Anyone no of an affordable paint shop or private artist ?

also i have a m2r mr 650 hi gloss solid black helmet i wanna airbrush to be a panther face.

any info would be much appreciated, i just moved here and know nothing of the area. I've only been to the Cycle accesories outlet on trop/eastern when they had the 50% sale. Great quick place for simple stuff.

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From: Off 95 and Durango

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You may want to think of getting it rhino lined if it is your first bike. Cycleshop will do it for like $200.00. They do any color you want.

Just a thought. It looks pretty cool too.


Oh and welcome to the site!!
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Call me silly but it is my first bike. What is rhino lined ?
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From: Off 95 and Durango

Motorcycle: Suzuki TLS
Rhino lined is what they spray in the back of pick up trucks. Now I know you don't know me at all and you probably think that I am jerking your chain (and normally that would be true....) but I am serious. They do any color(s) you want and it looks pretty cool. There should be some pictures on this site or you can go to I think that is correct.

Good Luck!
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ok did some research online and confirmed you i sound like a freakin lawyer or something. But anyways, yeah your right it does look pretty cool. The jacket it bought is black with white striping. The Cortech GX sport air jacket, Blk/white. my helmet is high gloss black. But i don't think the black rhino liner is a good match. I'm gonna call them up and see if they have silver instead. F**k it i'll just visit the shop with my bike, i'm sure they have plenty of example jobs for me look at. Thanks for the advice. I don't really wanna spend too much money on the paint job since i'll be selling or trading it for a newer busa or R1.

Peter da Panther
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Ok, saw somemore examples online and found a nice black with silver accents color scheme.
I work today but i'll try to get over to the shop and make an appointment monday. Thanks for the heads up, I really didn't want to spend 1100$ + on a paint job for a bike i plan to sell or trade off a year from now.

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Ok, i called cycleshop they don't do it. I'll try motorcycle world out in boulder.

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From: Off 95 and Durango

Motorcycle: Suzuki TLS
Originally Posted by PeterPanther
Ok, i called cycleshop they don't do it. I'll try motorcycle world out in boulder.

Really? They were the ones I saw the examples of in their shop!?!

Maybe they didn't get enough ppl to bite and so they stopped doing it. Who did you talk to at Cycleshop?

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for good paint at fair prices, call Winner's Circle... they are out at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They have painted some bike parts for me and a friend of mine before, did a real good job and the price was very reasonable.
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Ok i will call'em monday too. Thanks to both of you for the advice.

Snappy, i don't know. It was a young girl....

But i think it's my fault my cell was breakin up at the time so maybe she just said "uuhmmm we don't do that, Bye"

i'll try again monday too. ..Call arround and get quotes.

job, paint

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