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From: Las Vegas, NV

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The biggest problem i have with the police and my bike gettin stolen is iwas working directly with a detective... The apartment complex i was at, told him they had video surv. of every car entering and leaving the complex... the detective requested the tapes and that was it. he did not pursue or press them to provide the tapes to him. I ended up going there every day asking if they had the tapes yet, and always was told a story...well eventually came to be the tapes are wiped every 2 weeks instead of the month they told me. But still in that 2 week time period they had a chance to catch these fuckers, and the detective/police department did nothing.

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I thought all they did was eat doughnuts

but then.... they did get me the other day
look out for flamingo/decatur they are busting peeps left and right there
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From: (Home) Las Vegas; (Stationed) Alaska; (currently) East Paktika, Afghanistan

Motorcycle: (2) 1984 Matty-Legs (they're SUPER fast!)
How about we stop blameing the police for everthing? Its not their fault they have to deal with murderers, drud dealers, domestic calls, disturbance calls, etc. The police can't be everywhere at every time.

Coming from a guy who had his '89 Jeep stolen 3 weeks after he dropped a little over $3,000 to make it last through college- I DON"T blame them. It's not their fault this world is full of pricks. They did eventually find it (totalled), but a caged vehicle is a TON easier to find then a tiny bike that can disapear in a matter of seconds.

Motorcycles are very easy to strip down for the costly parts, and the parts are even easier to sell due to the whole internet thing. The best thing you can do is get an insurance that will keep you riding after a theft or accident.

Cops ARE writing a lot of tickets recently because if you haven't noticed OUR LAS VEGAS VALLEY DRIVERS CAN'T DRIVE!!!! Accidents and deaths are drastically rising amung our valley drivers, and this is going to be a great way to get people to slow down; start paying attention; and stop being so self-obsorbed that they don't care about the indangerment towards other fellow drivers and pedeatrians.

Oh, and YES cops write tickets for money! How do you think they get paid?!?!
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From: (Home) Las Vegas; (Stationed) Alaska; (currently) East Paktika, Afghanistan

Motorcycle: (2) 1984 Matty-Legs (they're SUPER fast!)
Oh, and THANKS to 702 for bringing some light on this subject for our valley. I had two different people come up to me saying, "Did you know that motorcycles are being stolen at a high rate?" and "Be careful with your bike; they're being stolen left and right."

I saw it air last night at 10 pm!!!


If you need any help with anything for this cause PM me. I'll be there
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I personally dont have faith in Metro's recovery rate. I still have stolen parts in my garage that I have tried to get metro to come pick up.
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From: (Home) Las Vegas; (Stationed) Alaska; (currently) East Paktika, Afghanistan

Motorcycle: (2) 1984 Matty-Legs (they're SUPER fast!)
Do they fit an '01 CBR?... if so, GIVE them to me

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