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From: Vegas Knights MC

Motorcycle: 2004 GSX-R 600

2002 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Quad Cab


Gotta sell the Corolla now....

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From: Las Vegas
I could start a horrible, horrible truck flame war, but I won't. I like JWD, unlike my other friend who has a Ram.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: GSXR-750
get ready to pay about 180 in gas every two weeks!!!!
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Motorcycle: '05 GSXR 750
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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

Motorcycle: 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa LE/2007 Suzuki GSXR600/2000 Honda CBR600F4
Originally Posted by AndyMac04 View Post
you're definitely a chip off the old block.
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From: Vegas Knights MC

Motorcycle: 2004 GSX-R 600
bah... dodge chevy.. pffty... chevy cost too much... this is price pointed perfectly for me!!!!
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Howie B
The wifey and I are buying 2 new Toyota Tundra's next week. Can't go wrong with 0% financing for 60 months.
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From: So Cal -for now

Motorcycle: '05 SV650N & '01 YZF600R
this is price pointed perfectly for me!!!!
Hey, if the price is right go for it, mang.

Today I saw a rather sweet looking truck in my rear view mirror. I couldn't tell what it was from a distance. As traffic would have it, the truck ended up passing me the next lane over. It was a Ford and it... *trembles, takes a breath and looks around, continues in a shaky voice once composing oneself* ...i-it was ...beautiful.

Please don't tell my truck I said that. If you do I will disavow any knowledge of this thread and my participation in it.

(btw: The model decal said FX400. Never heard of it before. Don't have time right now to do proper research.)
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From: Vegas Knights MC

Motorcycle: 2004 GSX-R 600
okay okay okay...

ill do the chevy...

2002 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Pickup Crew Cab Long Bed
same price so and i digchevy/gmc a little more anyway..
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From: Las Vegas
Apparently these guys make the FX400 mod. Didn't have time to actually look at the site, have to get back to work.

[edit] The FX400 is now the Baha Champion. I kinda like FX400 better. [/edit]
[edit2] Here's some pics from someone who doesn't know how to use a digital camera.


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