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From: The Devil's Playground

Motorcycle: Shift Red 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1
Hey all,

I might be looking for a stock tail section, undertail and tail light for my 2002 GSXR 750. Not sure yet.

Reason being is because the undertail that is on it, keeps frickin' comin' off/out from underneath the bike. There isn't anything holding the rear part of the section on. As some of the guys know in Utah I lost some stuff because it slipped out from under the undertail. The rear trunk was cut to put this undertail on. So, I'm thinking about getting rid of the entire thing and putting a stock tail section (because now the tail section is cracked on one side from putting the undertail back in today), stock undertail and a stock taillight back in it. Plus, the trunk part too if it's not part of those stock parts.

So, if anyone has this sitting around, let me know a price. I can't afford much, so I don't know if I'll do it or not, but thought I'd ask.


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From: Deltona, Fl
I had that same prob with mine, but it wwasbecause there was a bolt missiing that held it al together.. Stock undertails are always on ebay, but you could also try But I would first take the whole thing apart and inspect the hell out of it and see if there is some way to make it work. I am a cheap bastard.
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Hot glue, Mat....

I'm just kiddin ya.... I do like Jerry's frugal wisdom though.* Or maybe you could make or buy some kind of little bracket to brace it together?* Sorry, I'm just guessing cuz I don't remember what it looks like.
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From: Deltona, Fl
WE could get with dave and figure something out for ya.. Skies the limit when you have the balls to take some sh!t apart amd move sumtin.
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From: The Devil's Playground

Motorcycle: Shift Red 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1
Maybe I'll pull out some of my red or yellow duct tape

Seriously though, maybe tomorrow night or on Sat I'll pull the tail and see what's up. I agree with you that I don't really want to spend a ton of money on replacing it...especially with stock parts. But I'm afraid of crap falling out of the damn trunk. LOL

If I have to, I will use duct tape, but will put it underneath so you can't see it...only if I have to.

Hell, if it's possible I just might use a hot glue gun or something. LOL It's hard to explain but there are only two screws/bolts that hold the undertail on (poor azz design if you ask me) and they are near the actual end/tail light side. So, from there back, the undertail slides out from the sides of the actual tail section. Ultimately, the actual undertail could fall/break out/off one time if it came out from both sides and only those two stupid screws are holding it on the very edges. I don't know what type of undertail it is (brand?), but they did a poor azz design job.

Maybe I will tear it apart and see if I can drill two additional holes in the back and put screws through it...who knows.

thanks for the ideas!
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From: Deltona, Fl
What are you doing on Sunday.. Alot of us will be at the track and maybe we can tear into it there and help you out...
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From: The Devil's Playground

Motorcycle: Shift Red 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1
I'll be at the track Sunday (and I'm riding up actually), but unfortunately I'll be out corner working.

I'll be checking it out tomorrow mornin' and seeing what the deal is. I have to be careful because now my PC III is mounted back there to the side plastics of the trunk. I'm going to check it out tomorrow... If it can't be fixed, it can't be fixed. I'll deal with it some how. LOL
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From: The Devil's Playground

Motorcycle: Shift Red 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1

Okay, I tore the tail section off the Gixx this mornin'.* Unfortunately if I wanted to "replace" the rear trunk space (the floor was cut out of it but the sides remain in tact), I have to buy that entire piece of plastic (I don't even know what it's "officially" called), that also holds the ECU, battery, etc...* If I can get it cheap, I'll do it...if not, then I'll figure out something to use to "recreate" the trunk floor and then nothing should fall out.* *

Now, as for the undertail.* I took it apart and took a look at it.* Crappy design because only the front two screws hold it on and it ONLY attaches to the frickin' tail plastic.* It doesn't even attach to the frickin' subframe!* * I was going to drill the rear part of it and then put a bolt/screw through it and the plastic behind it (the part I would need to replace to repair the trunk properly).* However, I found a different way to go about it and I believe I have fixed it so that the stupid thing won't come apart or fall out.*

Soooo, now all I have to do is repair or replace the trunk floor and I'll be good to go for now.* I also made my rear tail lights into an integrator and I think it looks much better and, the key thing, is MUCH more visable than those small, itty-bitty turn signals that were on the rear of the bike (plus they pointed down so you couldn't even see they were on during daylight!).* I think it looks much better, cleaned up the rear end of the bike and is much safer.* Plus, I threw in a new flasher relay so now the bike's signals work properly and don't go 300 blinks per second.* LOL

So, all in all I'm happy with today's progress.* I'll probably check ebay and see if anyone has that plastic piece for cheap.* If not, I might take some real thin aluminum and mold it as the trunk bottom and rivet it to the existing plastic sides of the trunk. At least then crap won't fall out.* LOL

Just thought I'd give everyone an update.* Now we don't have to tear into it at the track.* LOL*
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From: Deltona, Fl
Do you mind if I move this to sportbike Gen or Sportbike Faq???
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From: The Devil's Playground

Motorcycle: Shift Red 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1
Jerry - Sure thing...please move the thread. I didn't exactly expect it to become this long thread about workin' on the bike. I'm sure you can throw it in Sportbike Gen if you would like.

Thanks for the link! That looks like a clean one. I found a couple of others tonight too, but this one ends sooner...if I can get it for $10 plus shipping, that would be great.

gsxr, section, stock, tail, undertail

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