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Originally Posted by Chambermaid2sb View Post
uuuum....nope. Chads rides the ones out behind our property alot, but there are definatly too many roads to explore to keep hitting the same ones! When are you gonna come back up & play with us????

Planning on it in October

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That looked like fun.... although, I am not too sure about my bike on gravel roads.... not after my little mishap. My bike is a sled on gravel. :(

Great scenery though, I'm jealous!
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Originally Posted by Chambermaid2sb View Post
Your still in our hearts, Gang, so I thought I'd share...
The rain finally stopped up here so I hopped on the Bird with Chad and did we have a hell of a ride yesterday??!!
We spent a few hours riding over a mountain just 50 miles from our home...dodging fallen trees, rollin through 2 feet of snow in tire trenches, 10 miles of gravel road and ridng over & under more fallen trees.
I'm just gonna throw on the pics. No need for the names of the roads...when you come to visit we'll stay on the pavement!!!
It was nuts, but we made it to the other side!!
Much love!!!

Did ya'll see the lava fields just over the top ????? Or did you go West ??? No way, to much snow to go west!!! you went east Huh???

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