Gleno's Smokin' Ride Tales Got a story to tell about a ride or a track day? Tell us all about it! No stink pickles or swearing to gumby permitted!

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I was there. Were you??

Write it here.......

Old November 19th @ 03:44 pm   #2
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From: Deltona, Fl
Yup, I got a complimentary Wipe while I was there..
Old November 19th @ 04:18 pm   #3
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From: In that old blue chair...

Motorcycle: FXB12RR
Sick in bed...
Old November 19th @ 04:29 pm   #4
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Much THANX to ALL the participants for all the courtesy and respect shown in my garage today. Further thanx for all the help organizing (Eric, Dave, Jerry), and to all who helped make this yet another GREAT SCS family event.


Great to see our 2 wounded soldiers out for the cause today as well. Thanx Josh and Jerry.

Thanx to Pat, Eric and Matt for the photos. Where are the photos??

Thanx to Leslie and Leslie for doin' gurl duties today and helpin' with the food.

Thanx to Dave for yet more great tech help.

Good to see/have the olds AND the nOObs here today.

When is Tech Daze III ???
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From: Deltona, Fl
here some pics:

Old November 19th @ 04:49 pm   #6
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From: Deltona, Fl
YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT.. Turn up the volume.. This is too funny.. Totally work safe.. I think..
This was put together in 3 minutes, so not much editing involved.. I will work on it and post an update..
Old November 19th @ 05:57 pm   #7
if it were only as easy as the video makes it look
Old November 19th @ 06:32 pm   #8
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From: The Devil's Playground

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DUUUUUUDEEE!!!!* ** That video is fawkin' hilarious.* LOL* Awesome.

Okay here are just a couple of photos I grabbed really here is the link to ALL the photos that were taken with Pat's camera (some from Eric and Pat and most of the end ones from me).* We ended up with 325 photos...ya, 325.* LOL* Ya wonder why I'm not posting them all?* LOL


Old November 19th @ 07:20 pm   #9
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Cation this?? Okay.....

Eric thinking: "Gleno would you cut that silly ass shit out. We gots werk to be done."

Old November 19th @ 07:21 pm   #10
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BTW....I want that effin' camera.


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