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gunit's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: Hayabusa K8
Awesome nite ride even though we did'nt get to see any alien 2nite.....very kool lightning show in front of us on the way up there but had to turn around from Alamo due to a heavy rain and gusty wind .....needed this ride after a long hours of work ( SPEED DEMONS* )

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vegasvideo's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 2001 ZRX1200R, 2005 Hyosung GT650S Track Bike
Had to turn back...what a bummer! Does that mean we can schedule the ride again when the fat guy can go?
Old July 31st @ 07:33 am   #3
Gleno's Avatar
Deff sorry I missed this one. Coulda really used a good ride to stretch the legs....
Old July 31st @ 09:00 am   #4
SHWELL's Avatar
From: Deltona, Fl
outstanding run.
Old July 31st @ 09:41 am   #5
Lost Sheep's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 06 1000 rr bone stock 01 F4I
was a good ride
Old July 31st @ 09:46 am   #6
Gleno's Avatar
Originally Posted by Lost Sheep
was a good ride guys are so vocal. Could we get a little Ride Report action?? Maybe keep the spirit of this forum crackin'??
Old July 31st @ 10:33 am   #7
ok , i can help with that , lets just say if the aliens wanted to catch us they would of had a hard time due to the fact that we all had fast asssssssssssssssssss bikes and we all seem to have had a throttle problem that seem to keep us 000 digits for some periods of a time , and with Staceys bright ass lights , we had our own ufo , great ride totally a blast and what a great group of riders , totally in control and know there limits ,thanks everyone for going we will do that again and reach our destination for sure , plans for next ride anyone ????????????
Old July 31st @ 11:37 am   #8
Mustang's Avatar
From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
The fire and the lightning show was by far the best i'v seen. Good ride guys
Old July 31st @ 02:34 pm   #9
SHWELL's Avatar
From: Deltona, Fl
Great road. 93 north/South was as clean as I have seen in NV. To all who have yet to run it, I recommend you do so in the day, then try a nite run. The fire was beautiful, along with the lightning storm hovering above it. We happened upon one Mounty in all our festivities, but I did not notice many places for them to setup for a sting.

NOTE TO SELF: Always bring another token on these rides to the boonies. With the lightning and the rain, the darkness, and the lack of darkness (I.E. ME), I felt as though I was going to bite the big one in a lynching kind of way (LOL). But I think the fact that I was on the speed god of a bike, I think I could have gotten away (Ihope).

With9out the rain, this is a great place to stretch your legs, but as I said, it would def be better to do it in the comfort of daylight. Nice sweepers on occasion, but mostly long and flat. The word is, that a little further and things would have tightened up a bit. Maybe next time.

I believe we are thinking of doing this again in Sept. after all the wet has passed us by. I had a blast. That is 2 for 2 so far this summer, let's keep it coming guys.
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Lost Sheep's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 06 1000 rr bone stock 01 F4I
ah the good old days

highway, run

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