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Aiki Boy
As some of you know I planned to do a Saddle sore ride from Las Vegas to San Jose and back this past Saturday. I didn't post the ride due to lack of interest in doing this ride on a sportbike and it being short notice. For those of you that might want to do a ride like this in the future, here are some of the things I experienced on the ride.

In all actuality, the ride was not even slightly uncomfortable on a sportbike, changing feet and leg positions constantly helped tremendously to avoid stiffness and body fatigue.
A few different leg positions:
1. Balls of the feet on front pegs extending your legs up and resting your elbows on your knees takes pressure off your wrists.
2. Heels on front pegs helped relieve thigh and knee tension and allows you to lower your wind resistance, and pushing your knees open with your elbows stertches inner thigh muscles.
3. If you have rear pegs, put your legs on them, resting your ankles on the pegs relieves thigh muscle tension big time and relieves hip flexor crapping.
4. Moving your butt back on the seat and resting your shins on the back pegs allows you to stretch inner thigh muscles and your lower back.
5. Do the superman, take your feet off the pegs and extend your legs to the rear, but be careful on bumpy roads so your inner foot does not hit the road, I almost broke my big toe when I hit a bump and my foot banged into a hole in the pavement. At 90 MPH this hurts alot.

The biggest problem I had on this ride was eye fatigue on the return leg of the ride.
1. Bring eye drops and use it at every gas stop.
2. Get plenty of sleep the night before, if you didn't sleep well, DO NOT DO THE RIDE!!!!! I have a tremendous internal auto-pilot but almost didn't finish the ride because of major eye fatigue, my eyes are still recovering.
3. If you are a smoker, I highly consider not smoking on this ride because your stops are 10 to 15 min. longer and this can add 2- to 3 hours to your ride, which contributes greatly to eye fatigue.

Plan your route well in advance.
Know your gas stops before you get there and call them ahead of time so that you know they are open 24 hrs. When you map your route using Yahoo for instance click on the icon, show gas stations and you can get the phone numbers.
Check the web site for documenting your ride and if you have questions, e-mail them, they do answer e-mails quickly.

Prepping your body.
1. Take multi vitamins and Vitamin C.
2. Meal replacement bars, beef jerky, trail mix, and plenty of bananas for potassium to reduce crapping and do not eat heavy meals or junk food before or during the ride, make your calories count.
3. Invest in a camelback so you can stay hydrated and make sure that you secure the drinking end of the hose so you don't pinch it between your leg and the tank. This lets fluid out and you might waste time at your gas stop, pulling fairings looking for a coolant leak that doesn't exsist.

Make no mistake this ride is very tough, especially when you have to keep a schedule.
Planning is key to completing this ride, although I had some difficulties completing this ride, planning helped overcome mainy of the obsticals. I hope this helps anyone else planning on doing an Iron Butt ride, if I think of anything else, I'll post up and post up if you have any thoughts or questions.
also a tip from Glenno which was to take Ibuprophen at the start and half way point worked very well.

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How was the weather ????
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Aiki Boy
Originally Posted by RRxpress
How was the weather ????
It was perfect, the only part that sucked was when I got to I-5 outside of Bakersfield, I had a 30 mph head wind all the way to San Jose, but coming back their was no wind at all and temperatures were perfect even in full leathers.
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Excellent write brother. Good to hear from you yesterday to know alll was well.

I moved this here because well.....itsa Ride Tale.
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Sounds like your trip was long, but was it FUN/WORTH IT ??? I was lookin into a trip there myself, thats why I ask ??
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Aiki Boy
Originally Posted by LoStWaGeS
Sounds like your trip was long, but was it FUN/WORTH IT ??? I was lookin into a trip there myself, thats why I ask ??
I think it was worth it and I enjoyed it except for about the last 150 miles because my eyes were bothering me so much.
This is definitely a high endurance ride and what helped me mentally was to think about it as 150 mile rides instead of like ,"Oh shit!! I still have 500 miles to go)I tried to post up alot of the things I learned on this ride, so folks like yourself have a larger information base to pull from if they decide to do this type of a ride. I'll add more later when I think of otherthings.
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what rout did you take? that could also make the ride harder or better.
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Aiki Boy
Originally Posted by Mustang
what rout did you take? that could also make the ride harder or better.
The route was easy here is a link:
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Mad props to you Tom. It takes a big set to do an iba ride solo and on a 636! That's an accomplishment you will be able to boast about when your 90 and too old to ride. Good JOB!
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Thanks for the info.. BTW did you stop to chill at all or was this a stop N go trip...

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