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From: Deltona, Fl
Another one in the books. Weather was great, and the McinTosh Garage was a great local as always. Food was outstanding as well.

Armond/Jaime (I think) from one of Glens GSXR sites down from Canada
Zero Six (Angel)
Shwell (Jerry)
VegasEric (Eric)
Rising Phoenix (Buck) and the Mrs. (I did not get her name)
Wheatie (Lisa)
Sverik (Erik)
Don-Fila (Donny)
LVR6ownwer (Greg)
#1Motard (Rob)
Giglbear (Norma)
Goblin (Jay)
Jay/Norma Family
FalconFixxer (Joe)

In a nutshell, it was great.....

Now for a few shots:
This is Greggy in Wheaties Jacket.... Nice fit

Cannot be a techdaze without fork work

The Shop Supervisors

The Shocker appears

Looks like Eriks suspension just shot through the battery tray....

This is after 1 hour of work

After 6 hours of work

Angel Hard at work trying clean that chain

The Don made an appearance

That's all I have, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I had to leave b4 all work was done, I hope Big E got through ok..

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Dude that looks great. I want to join in! DAMN!
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Gleno's Avatar

A very special thanx to our Tech Daze III planners and participants. Thanx to all for the great respect to our home and garage. For picking up after yourselves, for putting tools back in their place, but mostly...for being here to participate, learn, and share in yet more SCS love.

Joe, sorry about your broken part bro. I should prolly have better light when working on smaller items like that. It'll be here this week, and I'll have it installed post quickly.

The ONLY casualty for the entire of Jerrys chairs gave way, under one of our Canadian guests. She felt REAL bad about it as well.

Big thanx to Don Fila for being the roving overseer of all things, and offering up his tech experience on all tasks performed.

Thanx to Wheatie for her multiple store runs before and during...and her great clean up help.

Thanx to Eric and Jerry for the hard work behind the scenes to make this another well coordinated event. Good job as always guys. Next one will be even better.

Til the next one.
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From: Pax River, Maryland

Motorcycle: F-35
Definitely a big thanks to Gleno for the use of his tools and garage, Don-Fila, sverik and Josh for the help with the chain, the coordinators for running things smoothly, Wheatie for the grub, Eric for use of his wheels, and Greg making sure Gleno's couch didn't go anywhere Everyone else, thanks for the good company and Gleno, no worries about the part. My dumbass left the manual sitting on the kitchen table. I just gotta figure out a way to get the bike home now.
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From: Deltona, Fl
If you need the trailer I can make arrangements for you to get the key card for mine. My truck and trailer areon base right now.. So just let me know.
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From: East side of town, Lakemead/nellis

Motorcycle: GSXR 600, k3
Thanks Jerry and Eric for the invite, unfortunally they call me to work friday grave yard shift, i got off saturday 11am and all i wanted to do was SLEEP!
Looks a lot fun and interesting teaching. Maybe Ill make it to the next one.
Good job guys
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From: SoCal
good stuff

daze, iii, tech

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