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Hi you guys. It isn't that bad out here. Only a few attacks on the base since we have been here. But thought I would share some pictures with you guys.

The sunset

Our plane

The HAZ that our planes are kept in

And a few other odd pictures

This is our GDT Our antenna that we control the plane with

But other then that everything is good. Thought I would share some pictures with you.

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Awesome pictures!
Old October 29th @ 09:09 am   #3
Swayala05's Avatar
So you control the preditor? We just got some here intown.
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From: The Devil's Playground

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#1 - good to see you're doing well Amanda!!!!

#2 - damn cool photos. I appreciate you sharing.
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From: my moma's cooter

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thanks for sharing Amanda. The plane is bigger then I thought
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From: Las Vegas

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cool pics

Stay safe
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I better see some Iraqi ears on a necklace like they did in Nam for your next photos..... J/k Good to here from you and nice pics...
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Well Gary i will see about what I can do about the Iraqi ear necklace. It is actually pretty cool out here. Right now they are still making us wear our battle rattle around, but soon we can quit doing that. But it is sure cold out here, that is for sure. Yeah I know my little plane is a bit bigger then most of you guys thought it was, but come on she is speical. But they are keeping us busy out here, so it is a good thing. Makes time go by much faster. So what have I missed.
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you missed us!!!!
& we missed you!!
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Those are really cool pics. Really gives us an idea of what your up to out there. Keep up the good work !!

guys, pictures, share, thought

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