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Howie B
So I have been having some problems with Windows Explorer yet when I try to use Firefox that doesn't work at all, page just stays blank and it keeps trying to load. Any thoughts or idea's?

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Did you have a recent update from Microsoft? I had the same issue after one of their security updates. I had to reinstall FF to get it to work, it still loads slow, but it is loading.
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Sounds like a networking or DNS issue, but could be a number of things.

You are obviously able to get here though. You using a router? What OS? What service pack? Have a firewall or not? What versions IE or FF?

First things I do when I'm having problems is make sure its not my hardware. Then I'll do microsoft updates, amazing how many times that has fixed things. And if that works, stop using IE, period. Only thing I ever use IE for is to do windows updates.


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