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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- An unhappy Subway customer called 911 not once, but twice to complain to police that his sandwich was not made to his liking. Reginald Peterson called the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office in hopes that police could have his sandwich made to his satisfaction. A short time later, Peterson contacted JSO again to complain that police still had not shown up. When police did arrive Peterson told the officer he had ordered two sandwiches, checked out, and then walked outside to find the subs did not have "everything" he ordered. He told police he became "very upset" and "belligerent" because the employee making the sandwich was not doing it correctly. Witnesses inside the store say Peterson eventually started screaming at everyone inside. When Peterson went outside to call police. Employees closed the store and locked the door to keep him from returning. According to the report, the officer tried to calm Petterson and explain to him the proper way to use 911, but he would not cooperate. Peterson was arrested and at his request the sandwiches were thrown away.

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Howie B
Damn police, don't they know they are they to Protect & SERVE!!!
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I should put that on Sammich.com - Just eat me

Fuck, I really should do something with that domain other than just have a pic of a sammich on it. I've owned that domain for like 10 years now.
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From: In that old blue chair...

Motorcycle: FXB12RR
Now I'm hungry...

make, sammichand

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