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From: Las Vegas

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Well I finally got some answers. One of my father's 5 stents collapsed and they are strongly recommending the bypass that was somehow avoided. I need to talk with my father and the doctors; but I need to go there. I will be leaving for Mesa sometime in the early AM. If anyone is up for a boring ride to Kingman or further, let me know.

Please keep my father in your prayers.


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From: Tatooine

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Good luck man. Dont let it worry you too much, those heart specialists really know thier shit these days. The stuff they can fix is remarkable.
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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: Hayabusa K8
No worries PK we are praying for your fathers recovery...keep your head up
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HowieBzGrl's Avatar
From: At home
Your father rocks! He likes Taco Bell

Get well quick Dad!
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RCGuNit's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 2008 GSXR600
Your dad will be in our thoughts and prayers. Get well soon!
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
PK, if it's any consolation, my Dad had a quintuple bypass about 12 years ago and is still kicking it large at 78 years old. In July when they were here visiting, I got him hooked on playing Wii.
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From: my moma's cooter

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Hope everything works out, please keep us posted and if there is anything you need let me know.
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From: Las Vegas

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You're father is in my prayers as well... I'll make sure my little ones pray for him too. My father had to go in for a stint in his main valve last year. It was a very tough and trying thing, but he's doing much better now. I am sure that your father will follow his foot steps once the docs take proper care of him...

Wish you all the best...
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From: N. Las Vegas

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I glad that you're getting some better answers from the hospital. Give your Dad all of SCS' love and letting him know we're thinking of him.
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Howie B
My prayers are with your father PK and hope you had a safe ride. Please keep us updated on his status bro..

father, update

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