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LilBitDvl March 1st 08:57 am

Happy Birthday Michelle (Shellbell)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST SEXATARY EVER!!!! Hope you have a great day and get everything you wish for!

:occasion1::occasion1::occasion13::occasion13::che er::group_hug::group_hug::drunk2::drunk2::icon_che ers::occasion5::occasion5::11::11::toothy4::toothy 4:

RisingPhoenix March 1st 09:25 am


:wav::wav::occasion1::occasion1::partyon::partyon: :burp::11:

vegaseric March 1st 09:39 am

Happy B-Day Michelle! :icon_thumright:

:wav: :occasion1: :occasion13: :spin: :hello2: :thrasher: :woohoo: :occasion14: :bananarock: :cheer: :occasion16: :hi5: :3some: :ski: :blob9: :bday: :headbang: :blob1: :blob10: :blob3: :blob5: :blob6: :blob7: :blob8: :occasion15: :occasion17: :occasion18: :occasion5: :occasion6: :yahoo: :partyon: :11: :toothy10: :partyon: :occasion18: :occasion17: :occasion15: :hippy2: :blob8: :blob7: :blob6: :blob3: :blob5: :blob10: :blob1: :drunk2: :bday: :occasion16: :occasion14: :hello2: :woohoo: :thrasher: :occasion13: :occasion1: :cycle: :wheelie:

vegaseric March 1st 09:39 am

Moved to Off Topic.

BlueRider7o2 March 1st 10:44 am

Happy birthday Shell...... :icon_thumright::bday::blob9::blob9::bday: :group_hug: :wav::occasion1::boobs::occasion13::occasion14: :thrasher: :bananarock::occasion16:

lowspeeder1531 March 1st 11:08 am

yes happy bday shelly

ars0n750 March 1st 11:47 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLY!!!!!!!!!:bday::bday::bday::bday::bday::bday: :bday::bday::headbang::headbang::headbang::headban g::wav::wav::wav::wav::wav::wav::occasion1::occasi on1::occasion1::occasion1::occasion13::occasion13: :occasion13::occasion13::occasion13::cheer::cheer: :cheer::11::11::partyon::partyon::partyon::wheelie ::wheelie::wheelie::wheelie::wheelie:

SiD March 1st 12:18 pm

happy brithday

Spooby March 1st 12:32 pm

Happy Bday, Jeff better give you some!

shellbell March 1st 12:42 pm

THANKS EVERYONE!!!!! This is a great post! I appreciate all of the love and Thank you Leslie for starting it!!!! lol....Good times!

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