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From: Tatooine

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I've had a recurring dream for the past 12 years. Usually happens at least once a month.

I'm always in the Army. My ETS date (end time in service) has passed, but they wont let me go home. I keep waiting on my orders and I keep bitching to my chain of command, and weeks go by, and I still dont get my orders to let me out of the Army. Until eventually I say fuckit and just leave. Then I wake up before anything else like the MPs or police coming to get me.

This one last night (this morning actually) was quite a bit different though.

I was in the Army again, deployed to Iraq. Alot of the guys from my old unit in the 10th Mountain Division were with me. We were doing urban combat missions, going door to door, fighting insurgents. (I actually did MOUT training before deploying to Somalia). The Army was doing testing on a new biological weapon, and had put the bio agent in a M16 round, and put it in one of our ammo magazines without anyone knowing.

One of our guys shot an insurgent with the round and killed him. Only, he didnt stay dead. About 15 minutes later he jumped up as a zombie and started attacking anyone he could reach, which of course turned them into zombies. And then all hell started to break loose with us right in the middle.

Then someone rang my fucking doorbell and woke me up. I was kind of pissed, cause that shit was so real, it was like being in a game of Left 4 Dead or a cool zombie movie.

Yeah weird shit I know, but I've been thinking about that all day.

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That sounds like a potential episode of Cat Shit One.

But for reals... I've had no recurring dreams, just assorted random crazy stuff. People from my job usually pop in from time to time. One time I was hanging out with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Nothing sexual... we just were drinking wine and listening to music. But I coulda tapped that ass if I wanted.
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
Will, you gotta start keeping a journal of those. Could be a movie in it. I have seen worse shit make it to the big screen.

dreams, recurring

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