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From: The Devil's Playground

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Hey all,

I've never been to Death Valley, but I was wondering if/what attractions there are there? My parents are going in January and I thought I'd let them know some of the areas to check out. They aren't going on a bike or anything, so non-twisty roads don't matter. It's not like us going because we want to hit the twisties.

Any info would be appreciated.


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I went to Scotty’s Castle once I wasn’t impressed. You’ll see a lot of roads full of nothing, unless of course you enjoy studding geology or investing time searching for Kangaroo Rats (if you find one). By the way I almost hit a coyote going at 160 so that certainly was interesting.
I need to see some other areas of the park but without a bike I wouldn’t go. I’m afraid to find lots amounts of nothing… twisties are ok, but I do you really wanna risk your ride in the middle of nowhere?
Let’s see what other people say!
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Nothing to see but dirt
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You guys haven't seen the right parts of DV. Artists pallet, and parts of bad water are unbelievable. There are parts of DV that you would think you landed on Mars......It is awsome if you know were to go.
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From: The Devil's Playground

Motorcycle: Shift Red 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1
Pat...that's why I'm asking where to go. If you have a minute to post up or shoot me a PM, I would appreciate it.

Again, I'm not going on a bike. My parents are driving there in their car. That's why I don't need to know about the twisties or anything. Just if there are some cool rock formations or what not to look at. They are going mainly to try and see some scenery and to say "they've been there" type thing.

Plus, the easiest "car route" to get there would be much appreciated too.

death, valley

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