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Local dad spoke only Klingon to child for three years

​Is this taking the whole Star Trek thing a teensie weensie bit too far? d'Armond Speers spoke only Klingon to his child for the first three years of its life.

Klingon? Not Spanish, French, Mandarin? Not some gutteral genuflecting concoction from the deepest recesses of Borneo? Klingon? You heard it right. (And if you don't know about the Klingon Empire, look it up.)

"I was interested in the question of whether my son, going through his first language acquisition process, would acquire it like any human language," Speers told the Minnesota Daily. "He was definitely starting to learn it."

And get this, Speers says he isn't really a huge Star Trek fan.

We'll take his word for it.

Does the fact that Speers has a doctorate in computational linguistics explain anything -- or excuse anything -- here? Maybe. His child-rearing habits were part of a larger story on the company he advises, Ultralingua, which develops language and translation software. Including Klingon.

OK. We're playing light here with some serious stuff. Ultralingua sounds like an interesting company. And Speers sounds like a really smart guy. Successful, too. May they live long and prosper.

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Poor kid! And you thought having a funny name or a goofy haircut was bad enough on your first day of school? This kid speaks Klingon! Let the ass whoopings begin...

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