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I swear to Gumby I leave my camera at home at the wrong times.

Today at werk, I hadda go poo. I thought just ordinary everyday poo. Boy was I wrong. I knew it was the Mac Daddy of ALL stink pickles before I was halfway thru. When I got done and stood up.....It was like a coiled cobra. It was the size of my arm, and waving out of the water. I was sooo pissed I didn't have my digi with me. Fortunately (??), my boss was in the shop, so, I left it marinating until he went in and got the shock of his life. It was like a dragon staring at him, but, at least I had a witness.

Now this may sound a little gross and all, but dayum, it was one I was proud of. Been a few years since I produced a monster like that. I mean, how often can you say you had a turd actually stickin' 6 inches outta the water?? I should buy a 2nd digi cam just for such monumental events. You woulda been proud.


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From: my moma's cooter

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Gleno ---------> Me ---------->
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Originally Posted by Mustang
Gleno ---------> Me* ---------->
Aaawww c'mon bro....you woulda loved it.
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just about fell outa the comp chair laughing at that one
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Hey my 8 yr old nephew can plug up any toilet he goes to. So's I tell him to take a pic next time so I new he ani't bullshitin..hehe And would you believe it was the size of a kilbasa.. Almost a foot long... Daamnnn I had a good laugh...
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From: Las Vegas

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Now we're gettin' somewhere. See, everyone busts a biggun.....just noone tells about it.
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I can't believe you kiss us with that mouth!
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From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
Why do you think he has so many ex-wives, they couldnt put up with his shit
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PPPppffffttt... I crap bigger than you!

pickle, stink

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