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KANSAS CITY, Missouri - It's the time of year for pumpkin patches and haunted houses. But neighbors complain about one new Halloween festival because they believe it could be dangerous for children.

In south Kansas City neighbors are outraged that a children's pumpkin patch would set up right next to an adult nightclub.

They want the city to shut down the pumpkin patch, but that doesn't appear likely.

The corner known as Knobtown now has Spookytown - a haunted house and Funtown - a pumpkin patch with games and rides for kids.

Owner Michelle Brown says it's family fun.

"I want children. We love kids and a pumpkin patch is all about having kids around," said Brown.

But a nearby resident is outraged because Funtown is right next door to the adult nightclub "Pure", which is in a building that has been a strip joint for decades.

"You don't have adult entertainment and put a children's play area, for one month or five weeks out of the year, and it be okay," said neighbor Wanda Buehr.

Brown says the pumpkin patch is completely separate, with a nine foot chain link fence and a trailer that shields part of the view.

She's part of the family that owns the bar and the pumpkin patch land.

"Nobody even knows that's really, truly a strip bar," said Brown.

She's upset we even asked about it.

"They're completely safe. It has nothing to do with Pure. This is its own entity. I had not one person concerned or worried about this weekend," said Brown.

Neighbors think the law would prevent a kiddie place from setting up next to a strip club.

"It is a flagrant violation of the law, and a possible danger for children," said Buehre.

But a lawyer for local strip clubs says the law was written to keep adult businesses from locating within one thousand feet of schools and day cares.

He says it's okay when it's the children's place moves in next to an adult business.

Also-- the city says the attraction promising fun for all ages doesn't appear to violate any zoning rules.

So the bottom line here, there's moral outrage by the neighbors, but it doesn't look like there's anything illegal about the location of "Funtown".

And the owner says there's no way the nightclub next door will have any impact on the kids who come to play at her pumpkin patch.

The strip club lawyer, Dick Bryant, also points out that because of the new state law restricting stripping, there's not much adult entertainment happening anyway.

Pumpkin patch for kids next to strip club outrages neighbors - NBCActionNews.com - Kansas City


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