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So I have been following this story closely, and quite frankly it make me irate. Not because Meg Whitman employed this woman. Her story is that when she found out she was illegal, she fired her. What upsets me is that now that she's out that she was here illegally, and it's known that she had stolen someones identity to become employed, she is not going to be prosecuted. Lets just put up a banner for illegal immigrants to make their way into the country and steal someones identity. Then, while she was on Telemundo, a Fresno college university student came forward and said she was here illegally, and asked her if she could be "fast tracked" to legal US citizenship. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Deport the b****. And strip her of her potential to earn a degree in this country!

Back to the 1st woman who came forward though. She was here illegally, with a stolen SSN. Any money that she earned should be paid back to the state, and she should have no rights to sue ANYONE for any money owed to her. I think of it as money made dealing drugs. They seize a home paid for made from drug money because it was illegally made (more or less), so why should ANY money that is made illegally be any different?



Gloria Alred getting ripped on (deservedly so!)

California union attacks Whitman over maid issue - Yahoo! News

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Welcome to the land of unaccountability. Of course you have to be a criminal and posess the proper gender and race credentials of the political elite to be given a break.

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