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Motorcycle: Hayabusa K8
Death toll: 1,366 motorcyclists

If Death went retail, he'd open a motorcycle dealership. With sales figures doubling since 1998, bikes are booming—as are visits to the E.R., where staff call the brain-dead Easy Riders "donorcyclists." Fatalities among motorcycle riders and passengers spiked 12 percent in 2003, continuing an upward trend that began eight years ago. In fact, based on miles ridden, a motorcyclist is 21 times more likely to die in a crash than a guy driving a ho-hum Elantra.

Survive it: You're tooling down the road on your motorcycle when an onrushing car turns left in your path. "A lot of guys panic. They lock up the brakes and lay the bike down rather than T-bone the car," says Pat Hahn, a spokesman for the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center and the author of Ride Hard, Ride Smart: Ultimate Street Strategies for Advanced Motorcyclists. Bad move. Chrome and flesh slide faster than rubber, so save your skin, literally and figuratively, by staying upright. "It's almost impossible to flip a bike," says Hahn, recommending that you squeeze the front brake lever "like you're squeezing juice out of an orange." Begin soft, then squeeze progressively harder while steering in a straight line. "Your goal," he says, "is to get the speed down to buy yourself one or two seconds for the car to turn."

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You forgot the most important step!!

Follow Through: After regaining control of the bike, proceed to follow the car to the nearest stop, pull the driver out and beat the shit out of them for being a retard that shouldnt be behind a wheel. I dont think cagers understand. When you ALMOST kill someone, like me, a guy trying to get home from work but you felt the need to call your woman and make sure she started cooking the mac n cheese just couldnt wait till u got to a stop light or possibly even before you left work....only to have them brush it off like hey im sorry, just an accident, it doesnt work like that. YOU NEED to watch out for other people out there, regardless what kind of vehicle your in. Cus if you almost kill me, i will be coming after you. I dont give a fuck if your 4 times my size and i will get my ass kicked. Cus more then likely i would get my ass kicked, but i cant control my rage nor my adreniline specially when they both kick in at the same time. so i will attempy my best to make sure i almost kill you.
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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: Hayabusa K8

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