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A large wireless retailer has come under investigation for fraud on multiple accounts, and ranging from corporations to individuals. Verizon Wireless has placed its own investigators on the case of a certain region of this company, one that spans from south Orange County to Northern Los Angeles. This retailer has approximately 120 stores in California and Nevada, one would imagine that a company of this size would not want to bring about a negative image if they are looking to go national. It may seem unfair to blame a company for the actions of select individuals, but when it involves many people on many levels, including upper-management, all working together to keep the secret dealings out of sight, it is inherently a company wide problem for allowing if not encouraging these actions.

4G Wireless, based out of Irvine CA, has been abusing the information of many local patrons for illegitimate gains, and leaving the victims with high bills, negative credit ratings, and an added serving of stress in an already chaotic life. There have been many cases of individuals trusting sales reps and managers in their premium retailer stores with their social security numbers, drivers licenses and other personal information only to find charges and services added to their bills without permission or even request. The people behind the counter have gone past just adding unwanted services, some have created secondary accounts that are sent to a different address so the owner does not know it exists. Before the account goes into collection for nonpayment, the reps are transferring the whole account over to a new social security number and new account, allowing more time for bills to pile up. Once it is past 6 months of activation, 4G Wireless has been paid its due from Verizon and the account can go into collections. At this point these daring frauds would call and claim the person has passed away or moved out of the country, closing the account and leaving a mark on an innocent person credit record. This is a method that has been caught and mostly stopped, but that doesn’t stop other fraud.

They came up with more than one way to create sales where there weren’t any. Many companies have contracts with Verizon that entitle their employees to discounts on service as long as they are employed by the company. Wells Fargo employees save about 25% on their bill. State employees recieve 15%, Target saves 20%. Using PhotoShop, 4G wireless workers have been editing paystubs to be able to apply discounts to peoples accounts who do not actually work for the state and so are producing falsified documents. Once a discount is applied, additional services are added with only a minor change if any to the monthly bill. When an account is on autopay, the change isn’t noticed and never gets questioned.

Large companies with many lines of service don’t get scrutinized as much so they too are open tatgets for these people. Additional lines can be created and even used without needing all the information for a credit check. Using a series of XX-XXXXXXX in lieu of a full tax id will still pass the soft credit check required to create new service. This is a failure on the behalf of verizon wireless for not requiring full information and having a high level of security within their service. A recent exploit cost a Non-profit about $30,000 dollars worth of damages from 4G wireless alone.

The team in charge of verification of sales was either not doing their job or they were allowing it to happen to make ends meet. It is important to know that the company is in debt at this point to its vendors and is unable to get new released phones due to outstanding balances. Direct deposits for employees have been delayed with no notice multiple times, and paper checks were unable to be cashed due to a lack of funding. If a company does not have the money to meet its obligations, especially to its employees, it is not going to question very intensely the revenue it is generating, hence turning a blind eye to the shady practices.

In an effort to reduce cost of running the stores, the company has purchased re-manufactured devices and have instructed their managers and reps to sell them as new rather than have full disclosure to the customer purchasing the device about the condition of their “new” phone. Lies and deceit seem to be a common theme throughout the stores that are doing well. It has become a common practice for stores not doing ”well” to be told to open early and stay hours later than normal closing hours within the same day, thus reducing morale of the honest people working there. This is why it is very rare to find the same person who helped to last time you go into one of these 4G stores. There is a constant revolving door of people hiring in, getting fed up with the system, and leaving.

The cases of fraud are not committed by most of the employees, it is a select group, the popular crowd within the company. They have been able to persist with illegal and illigitimate activity with the blessing of the company. It is important to protect yourself from these devious behaviors by following certain guidelines, regardless of where you go, as this isn’t the only company in this field with similar problems.

Have a password on the account rather than your social security number. Change this password after you share this password with someone, if they try to access your account they are unable to, if the person is honest they wouldn’t have to access it a second time anyways, specially not without your consent. Do not allow a company to take money from you without recieving and verifying the summary of the charges. Be vigilant about your personal information, it should not be used in a way you don’t want. Avoid 4G stores, go directly to the source or find a reputable dealer such as Amazon or Costco. If you have been affected by this or other fraud contact verizon directly and skip dealing with the store for a resolution.

Fast Fraud with 4G | Presstorm Media


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