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If after-work drinks tend to leave you cringing with embarrassment the next morning, help could be at hand.
Scientists are developing a ‘stay sober’ pill which may spare the blushes of those who get drunk too easily, by limiting the effects of alcohol on their brains.
In a fascinating experiment, mice given the drug did not even get tipsy, despite being fed enough alcohol to make them stumble and fall over.
The research paves the way for a tablet that stops people from making fools of themselves on a night out.
It could help explain why some drinkers are ‘cheap dates’ who start slurring their words and losing their inhibitions after one glass of wine, while others can knock back glass after glass with few ill effects.
The American and Australian scientists who carried out the research focused on the way alcohol affects glial cells, which make up 90 per cent of the brain.

Read more: The pill that takes away the desire to drink on a night out ...but where's the fun in that? | Mail Online


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