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Tisha Conklin, 37, of West Bloomfield, Michigan was driving home from what we hope was a Halloween party in her 1998 Jeep Cherokee early Sunday morning when an officer pulled her over. The cops had her take a breath test and found out that her BAC was .17% (more than twice the legal limit) which qualifiers her as a Super Drunk Driver, according to a new Michigan law. If that was the story, you know it wouldn’t be here on BadJocks.

No, the story gets better. Conklin was apparently rather scantily clad in what appears to be a Slutty Referee costume. Once they got her to the jail, officers asked her to change into something a little less revealing and she agreed.

After exiting the ladies room though, she decided she would rather fight than switch and allegedly punched a female cop before finally posing for the classic drunk “What?” mug shot. If convicted of the DUI charge, Conklin will face up to 180 days in jail and a fine of $200 to $700 and 360 hours of community service, while the bonus felony assault charge could net her up to two years in prison.

Woman in “Slutty Referee” Halloween Arrested for DUI, Punches Female Officer, Poses for Classic Mug Shot | BadJocks.com


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