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From: Las Vegas - Summerlin

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Ok, So I'll tell the story and then ask my questions afterwards... Sorry for the novel.

Edit: This isnt another cop joke, this is real.

Driving north on 95 about 10am saturday, just outside of town. I was traveling about 73-75 mph (admittedly about 10 over, it was a 65 zone). Coming to an overpass i notice a blue car (speck at this point really) on the side of the road, facing north, so i cautiously slow down to 63 exactly. I was still a solid mile or so from this cop when i was down to 63.

As I was approaching and within about 1/4 mile, another vehicle behind me was closing fast and then noticed the cop very late and hit the brakes HARD (getting uncomfortably close to me).

As I we passed the cop, he tried to pull out. He was sitting in the median and again (this part is important) was pointing north. I anticipated this and moved to the right lane. The fella behind me did not. The cop NEARLY hit the guy behind me as he was pulling out and the the guy behind me speeds off, again, well over the limit passing me and heading down the road.

Well the cop gets behind me and pulls me over. When he approached the car, he asked if I knew why he pulled me over, and I admitted, "Well, i know I was speeding sir" then he asked if I knew how fast and my response was "between 70 and 75."

He looked at me funny and said "do you really think I would have pulled you over for 75? You were going 88 and then slowed to 70 when you saw me"

At this point I got mad because i had realized that he had tagged the guy behind me because i was never close to either of those speeds at the times he claims. I kept my cool and respectfully insisted that I was not going that fast.

He cited me for 75 in a 65 with the "actual" speed noted as 88. Now I have no problem owning up to a fuck up. I would not be wasting my time typing this if he had just gotten me on my actual speed and gave me a ticket for that.

What I am worried about - because I don't know how it works here yet - in Colorado, they would do similar things, cite you for less than your clocked speed, and also if you got a plea deal, that's the fine and points penalty you paid, HOWEVER, your MVR report would show only the ORIGINAL (and generally much worse) information. I cant afford this on my insurance record. I have a spotless driving record (for the last 6 years) and i WAS NOT doing near 90mph. I put that on my life. Im not sure my truck is capable of that in the first place.

Can i fight this. I know I will get the people that will say "You were speeding so own it" and that's fine, I was and I will, but NOT if it hits my MVR as a 23 over. Unfortunately I don't think I can make this argument to a judge/magistrate.

In all honesty, i feel I should not have any ticket at all considering the bullying tactics used by the cop to scare me and the circumstances for which he gave me the "reduced" citation, or the fact that he completely tagged the wrong person but didn't want to admit to it. Oh and the reason that the facing north thing was important - he got me with his rear facing dash mounted radar that is FIXED so I'm not sure he has any way to know which car he actually got.

Is there anything I can do here? Is it worth fighting? Like I said, a REAL ticket for 10 over, I will take and be done with it. I was speeding, but not an 23 over with reduced citation.

Any help on this would be hugely appreciated. I have a "mandatory" court appearance in April so I have some time to figure this out but would like to figure it out sooner rather than later.

- Justin

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From: Las Vegas

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Your first problem is that you admitted to breaking the law. Look up "How to talk to cops" on YouTube. Never admit anything to them.
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From: Las Vegas - Summerlin

Motorcycle: 08 MV Agusta Brutale 910S
Originally Posted by The KY View Post
Your first problem is that you admitted to breaking the law. Look up "How to talk to cops" on YouTube. Never admit anything to them.
mostly that is true but often time, in my exp. is that not bullshitting a cop will result in a favorable outcome, and in this case, it did, to a point, however i feel that im going to still get fucked on this and I really didnt do it. (The 88 mph part anyway)

- Justin
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They will Offer you traffic school if you go to court. Then you can pay the fine, do the school , and and they decrease it to a parking ticket so insurance doesn't see it.
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From: Hendo

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The last time I got a ticket here in town (had a couple at the lake but that's a different story) that would affect my driving record, I requested permission to take the driver's school. That resulted in me only having to pay half the fine, no points on my license, and no insurance notification/premium increase.

Not sure you'll be able to affectively argue this because the cops are all supposed to be honest and accurate so their word will be taken as law (no pun intended). Maybe Moto Vegas (Jason) can help you out. He's usually on the 702 boards, but trolls here from time to time. Here is a link of a post he started. Maybe you can PM him or contact him at one of the links in his signature block. I know he does stuff for 702 members, so maybe he'll extend that to SCS folks as well. Good luck.

Motorcycle (or auto) insurance and you!
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Call Ticke Busters! The Pink building on Flamingo and Rainbow.

The problem here is no matter how much you fight it, your word in court doesn't really mean anything unless somehow you can prove that it was the guy behind you speeding and not you. Either way, I think your kinda screwed. Good luck.
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From: Las Vegas - Summerlin

Motorcycle: 08 MV Agusta Brutale 910S
how about a witness? I got one of them.

- Justin
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From: Hendo

Motorcycle: GSX-R 1000 & RC51
Originally Posted by MVBrutaleRider View Post
how about a witness? I got one of them.

- Justin

I'd still think you'd have to somehow prove that the other car was the one speeding and that the cop mistakenly tagged you instead, and that might prove to be tricky
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all good info here... never admit guilt, it could have been for something other than speeding... and MotoVegas is the way to go... read the below posting and then take your ticket and drop it off at his office... he has an awesome secretary that will take it from you and you'll get a letter in the mail with the fine to pay for your no-points violation... easy peasy!

Ticket Fixing. Procedure..
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We wouldn't have any limo or taxi drivers in this town unless we couldn't get tickets fixed. Plenty of lawyers who will get your ticket reduced to a parking ticket for a fee, no points, no record. Like others have said, Motovegas.

Now if you insist on fighting this, go down and plead not guilty. They will set up a court date. It will take a couple of trips down to the courthouse, but before your trial date, the prosecutor will actually offer you a reduced citation, yeah, pretty much a parking ticket, no points, no record. You can take it or leave it. 99% of the people usually take the deal. I was the 1%. The prosecutor even offered a second deal on the trial date, informing me that the LEO was here, and I still said no. Since I had never been to court before, I wanted to see what it was like. Long story short, I lost and paid the ticket, and got points on my driving record.

If you really want to beat th LEO in court, hire a lawyer. He would know what questions to ask so that he can create some doubt on how accurate the LEO was tagging you. At the very least, we can offer you some suggestions for you to ask the cop in court.

Good luck.

leo, popped, saturday

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