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This is the deadly cache of guns once owned by notorious gangsters Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, which is set to go under the hammer at auction this month.
The .45 calibre Thompson sub-machine gun - also known as a Tommy gun - and a 12-gauge Winchester shotgun dating back to 1897 could fetch thousands.
They were seized by police after a daring raid on the duo went wrong and two officers were killed in a hail of bullets.
But during their getaway, the iconic outlaws - who met in January 1930 - left behind the two powerful guns in Joplin, Missouri, in April 1933.

Read more: Bonnie and Clyde's cache of guns set to fetch thousands at auction | Mail Online

Yeah I'd hit that Bonnie too...she's HAWT!!!


buy, gun, hey, psst, wanta

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