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Pcone16 February 7th 07:44 am

SCS softball?
Are any of you old farts down for joining a slow pitch softball league??? I think it would be a lot of fun!

treadhead February 7th 08:10 am

Hells to the yeah!!!!

Mustang February 7th 08:57 am

IN :icon_thumright:

LTunited February 7th 09:26 am

Im interested

wacko February 7th 09:29 am

In .

jZon702 February 7th 10:14 am

im down....(in)

Pcone16 February 7th 10:44 am

Im down !

MVBrutaleRider February 7th 12:43 pm

sure why not? does slow pitch also mean slow running? got a bum knee. Can sprint in short distances... are we talking something official? or just, hey, lets play some ball at the park kinda thing?

man i havent played any kind of team sport in decades (roughly 2 decades to be exact)

count me in.

- Justin

rjbdub February 7th 02:30 pm


vegaseric February 7th 05:02 pm

I'll come out of retirement for this... IN. :icon_thumright:

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