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A guy comes home one day from work at the pickle factory and is very distraught.
His wife notices and asks, “Honey, what’s wrong? Was work okay today?”
“Not really,” he says. “I have a confession to make.”
His wife thinks the worse, gulps and says, “Um, okay.”
He says, “Today I had the strongest urge to stick my manhood in the pickle slicer.”
She is visibly relieved and says, “Oh, is that all? Well, just fight the urge and don’t do it."
Next day the guy comes home after work distraught again. “Same urge?” his wife asks.
“Yes”, he confesses. So she talks him out of it again.
About a month goes by and the husband comes home more distraught than ever. Before his wife can ask he says, “I was fired today.”
“You were fired?! What happened?” she asks.
“I did it, I stuck my manhood in the pickle slicer.”
She starts freaking out, “Are you okay? What…what…why would you do that?! What happened to the pickle slicer!”
“Oh, she got fired too.”


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