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buellrider July 7th 07:40 am

Boot camp for Matt...
As the internet begins to exert more and more control over our lives, it brings with it an increasingly destructive problem - the rise of online porn.

The issue is perhaps most damaging when it affects the lives of teenagers, who can be at risk of ruining their adolescence with an addiction to hardcore material.

And some parents are taking drastic steps to reform their porn-addict sons - by sending them off to a desert 'boot camp' to help them overcome their troubling behaviour.

Read more: Oxbow Academy: Desert boot camp helps teens beat addiction to internet porn | Mail Online

BusaRob July 7th 10:10 am

Matt - do we have to take away your internet privileges again? LOL

MarvelousMatt July 7th 11:17 am

So they're going to cram a whole bunch of horny boys that are used to masturbating 6 times a day into a camp... together. Out in the wilderness... Yeah, don't see any problems there :gehay:

Those parents have gotten the PSA that masturbating doesn't cause blindness anymore, right?

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