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Ridin the storm out......or, Out ridin the storm.

[img width=1000 height=568]http://www.gsxrpaddock.com/files/stormracer2.jpg[/img]

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To cool
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Motorcycle: GSXR-750
is that the road from the movie twister? oh yeah cool bike =D
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Motorcycle: 06 CBR1000RR
I don't get it??????
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Originally Posted by F4xpres
I don't get it??????
Quit tryin' to complicate things. Eyeball it for what it is brah.....
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Originally Posted by F4xpres
I don't get it??????
I don't get it either. What do people see in those bikes?
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If you have to ask....you wouldn't understand.

cool, wallpaper

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